An Angel's Love

Rebecca Snow did not know what made her special. She only knew her eyes normally green turned silver on the full moon days and nights. That she had two crescent moon birthmarks on her shoulder blades, and that somehow the exchange student seemed to follow her everywhere. Watched her with a certain degree that she found both endearing and slightly stalker-ish. She didn't think she loved him, but what if he had the key to a secret that could open her eyes and tell her who she is. _What_ she is.

Phillip Evans knew what he was, a Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven because he could not choose fast enough, but not accepted by Hell at the same time. He found love in the Louisiana town Carlyss, her name Rebecca Snow, she didn't know she was a Fallen. Her eyes normally green, glowed silver on the days and nights of the full moon, just as his did. She had the mark of the Fallen on her shoulders. She was his soul mate, only she didn't know it...yet

To each other they were the keys to get back


1. Flight On the Wing of Love-Prologue

I should tell him how I feel.

NO, what if he is a crazy stalker?

No he hasn't done anything to hurt me so far.

Doesn't matter. Don't trust him.

He shares the marks! His eyes glow on the Full Moon.

So? What if he saw it happen to you? He got contacts. He saw you in a swim suit, and cut his shoulders to look like your birthmarks.

I'm telling him.



The bell rang, but her teacher continued droning on about the Cold War. Finally the teacher dismissed them with the promise of a ten page paper due Thursday of next month. Rebecca Snow was released from her last class of the day. She hurried outside to see if the exchange student was waiting for her, he was. Of course it was her birthday. Her seventeenth birthday. She was going to speak to him. To tell him she loved him, this stalker thing has gone on far too long. She walked over to where he stood, and he was gone when she arrived. She looked everywhere, even under the marble bench inlaid with Angels. Finally she heard a grunt, a grunt you would hear from someone you didn't want to be seen by anyone but you. Rebecca turned towards the sound, and he popped out of the brick inlay of the mural on the wall of the Art Building. His skin slowly changing back to its original golden complexion. 


"You wished to speak to me?" He said in the dreamy voice she heard only in class, and always from the back of the room.


"Yes." She all but flirtatiously giggled. Composing herself Rebecca continued "I wished to know why you follow me.And to confess my own feelings towards you."


"I follow you, because I feel an odd sense of the need to protect you. In another sense its like my soul is connecting to yours. I can feel the air change when you're in this proximity to me, its like a sizzle and a crackle. I love you, I know it's crazy."


"I love you too, and I don't even know your name. Its like we know each-other from a different time." She inched closer to him, and could make out every detail of his toned torso from underneath his Polo. It was a hot winter afternoon in Louisiana, and the wetness of his shirt was making it very hard for her to concentrate.


"My name is Phillip Alexander Evans, originally from London, England. Now of  Theodore Roosevelt's School for the Gifted."


"My name is Rebecca Rossalina Snow, originally from Bon Temps, Louisiana, currently residing here at Theodore Roosevelt's School for the Gifted." 


"I know this, you're very smart. I hear you're number one in the class."


"You're a close second I presume?"


"I hope at least there's plenty of others who are smarter."


"But you were requested! You must be smart!"


"I've been told I could be the next Einstein. But I'm not so sure."


"Oh please. You could be."


"I have been told you've been compared as Aristotle Reincarnate."


"Really? Maybe in a past life I was his muse."


"Maybe." Rebecca looked around, and noticed they were on top of a hill. A hill so green that it matched her eyes. She looked up into Phillip's golden eyes and smiled. She did love him. She didn't know why. The sun was setting, had they been talking that long? 


"I must tell you something Rebecca."




"I am a-" Before he could finish the full moon rose and blinded them with a white light, that seemed to focus on her, she felt something change inside of her, and then she saw Phillip's reaction, he was shielding his eyes. A burst of bright light had erupted from her back and then it was gone. But instead of just her flat back and then her butt, a weight was in its place, a weight that she could flap. She looked at Phillip and he had spread his wings so to speak. "As I was saying, Rebecca, we're Fallen Angels."


"What?" She couldn't believe it. No way. She turned to the sound of wings flapping. Down the hill a black blob appeared. Its wings unfurled revealing a man underneath. A man that looked a lot like Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries but with wings. Whatever had woken up inside of her had created a beacon to other fallen angels, some it seems not so innocent like Phillip.


"Oh brother how refreshing. She didn't know this time around. Usually its you."


"Sebastian what can I do for you?"


"Nothing at all. The master requests little Gabrielle's attendance. So if you don't mind." Sebastian took out a silver chain and chained her wings and her arms and swung her over his shoulder. Before either her or Phillip could do anything, say anything. In the same amount of time it had taken him to bound her, it bound Phillip as well. This time the silver chain burned the flesh it made contact with. His school uniform was burnt in many areas and he looked awful. Rebecca was scared so scared she didn't notice his wounds,


"Phillip! Phillip help me!" She looked over and the same chain was on Phillip, but it was burning him, burning his white wings. "Let me go! Let him go!"


"Don't think I can do that Princess." He took off with her on his back. Whacking away at him. But she couldn't do anything really. If he dropped her, she would fall to her death. If she didn't do something she would have to face 'Master'. Rebecca hoped Phillip found a way out. She hoped he would rescue her, or anyone for that matter would rescue her.



Phillip's Point of View


Finally Phillip freed himself and went off to in search for something to speed up the process of his healing. When he was fully healed which only took thirty minutes he took off in the direction his deranged brother took his beloved Rebecca. He needed to save her. The Master was Satan, and he would kill Gabrielle, the Angel of Warriors and Truth, the highest amongst the Arch Angels, or she was. Either way Rebecca was in trouble. And Michael the Arch Angel was coming to save her. Because an Angel's love was undying. He had loved 'Rebecca' for thousands of years. He wasn't about to lose her.


Satan was going to end his traitorous life, and it would be at the hands of Philip the Ice Angel, the En-trapper. No one kidnapped his love, no one. And Sebastian would pay for it as well. The memory of her green eyes shining with fear as Sebastian whisked her away burned in his mind. As he flew faster clutching the sword of Michael a gift from the Angel at his side. He could smell the nervous odor of the Dark Angel as he drew closer to him, and the lair of the 'Master'. 


Two people were going to die. But Phillip wasn't planning on him dying. Or Rebecca.

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