An Angel's Love

Rebecca Snow did not know what made her special. She only knew her eyes normally green turned silver on the full moon days and nights. That she had two crescent moon birthmarks on her shoulder blades, and that somehow the exchange student seemed to follow her everywhere. Watched her with a certain degree that she found both endearing and slightly stalker-ish. She didn't think she loved him, but what if he had the key to a secret that could open her eyes and tell her who she is. _What_ she is.

Phillip Evans knew what he was, a Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven because he could not choose fast enough, but not accepted by Hell at the same time. He found love in the Louisiana town Carlyss, her name Rebecca Snow, she didn't know she was a Fallen. Her eyes normally green, glowed silver on the days and nights of the full moon, just as his did. She had the mark of the Fallen on her shoulders. She was his soul mate, only she didn't know it...yet

To each other they were the keys to get back


2. Chapter One: Exchange Student, Creepy Student

Chapter One: Exchange Student, Creepy Student



Rebecca Snow woke to the sound of Louisiana's finest bird calls, and the chatter of her room mate Cinder on her forbidden phone, of course Rebecca had one as well, but she had a special permit to have one on campus. Her parents are paranoid and think something horrible could happen and she would have no way to call for help. Even though her mother believed her to be an abomination. Casting the thought of her parents aside; Rebecca slid out of bed and went over to the bathroom. Cinder was twirling her hair with her finger, she was talking to her boyfriend, or a girl with news of a boy. Rebecca closed the door and changed into her school uniform. Theodore Roosevelt's School for the gifted, was embroidered on her chest and she did her hair and make up. 


"Cinder we're going to be late."


"I'm coming."


"Hide the wretched phone. History starts in twelve minutes." Rebecca said tapping her foot. Cinder came out of they're living area putting the phone into her bra and came to a stop in front of Rebecca. 


"Sorry. Carmella has news of an exchange student! He's from London."




"No one knows." 


"Mystery man."


"Just your type."


"Oh please, I do not have a thing for guys I know nothing about." Rebecca shot back suddenly defensive.


"Oh please Becca Snow, you totally love boys you know nothing about so you can make up their personality for yourself." Cinder said laughing as they walked out of their dorm. Rebecca entered the History building and found that the exchange student with no name was super adorable. He had shaggy blonde hair that hung in his eyes and he was lean and muscular. Just her type as Cinder had mentioned earlier. "I told you so." Cinder said as she caught up to Rebecca. She rolled her eyes in the general direction of her friend and sat in her sit in the front of the room. The professor came in five minutes after the final bell and made the exchange student introduce himself. Of course I wasn't listening. There would be plenty of time to make his acquaintance just now was not the time. Instead she pulled out her phone, and texted Cinder that she thought the new guy was adorable and called dibs. 


"Miss. Snow I know that you of all people in this classroom should know that cell phones are not permitted on school grounds!"


"I'm sorry Professor Nolan, would you like to see my parents and the Head of the Board of Director's signed permit to carry this phone?"


"No, no that is fine just put it away." Rebecca smiled and slid her phone into her skirt pocket. Nolan went to the front of the room and powered up the Smart Board. A picture of a fallen angel appeared on the screen and she felt suddenly very uncomfortable. She looked at the reflective surface of her desk and saw her eyes glowing silver. She looked behind her and found that the new guy had put sun glasses on. Maybe he was like her. 


"Now class, can anyone tell me which angel is depicted here?" she heard the familiar voice of her long time boyfriend say,


"Gabrielle, Angel of War."


"Correct. She is an Arch Angel. Can anyone tell me why she was cast out of heaven?"


"According to the bible, God no longer trusted her and because there was a Choosing she was cast out before she could make her decision. Many angels had this done to them. They are now known as the Fallen. I'm named after one, Phillip." Rebecca turned quickly and noticed that the exchange student had made that answer and muted the room. He had removed his sunglasses and his eyes were silver. Like hers. No no one was like her. That's what her mother had told her, that she was an abomination, not natural. She wondered if he had the scars on his shoulder blades as well. 

"Very good Philip. Now class I want you all to do a research paper on a different angel. Remember Satan is also a fallen angel. He was once called Morning Star. We will discuss him next week. You are dismissed." 

Rebecca shot out of her chair and hurried out of the room, not even bothering to wait for Cinder. Her next class didn't start for another hour so she ran into the library. She typed her password into the nearest computer and clicked on the school's search engine. She typed in the name 'Gabrielle' and dozens of options popped up. She clicked on an image and she let her mouth fall open. The face in front of her on the monitor was hers reflected back her. Except now she had black hair the angel had blonde, her eyes were silver and she was gorgeous even with the blood and bodies behind her. Down below was a description. And the artist's name.

Angel on Demon's Soil. Fernando Corezen d.1245

She printed off the article and went to the back of the library where the religious books were kept. She found the Holy Bible and opened up to the passage about the Fall. Like magic the letters changed and started to move. Like a 3-D movie the words popped up from the page and glowed silver.

Gabrielle was cast from Heaven, with no guilt or by her own choice. Forever cursed to start over her life again and again until she makes that choice. Gabrielle must find her other half, her friends and defeat the one that she denounces.


Rebecca closed the book and exited the library. She hurried off to Science, she looked behind her and the new boy, what was his name?  He was following her. Did he share all of her classes, and now that she thought of it he was in the library as well. He hardly knew her it could be a coincidence that he was in all the same places as her at the same exact time. She couldn't tell if he was adorable, or creepy. Rebecca hurried into the room and sat down, again in the front of the room. She watched him this time, sit exactly three desks back and two rows over from where she sat. Strange. She faced the front of the room and tried to pay attention to the lecture. She looked to the desk next to her, and Cinder was looking at him the same way she was. She mouthed to Rebecca,


"Creepo Alert!" Rebecca laughed half heartily and returned her gaze to the professor. She shifted uneasily in her seat. Counting the very seconds until her next class, Karate. The bell rang as if she had willed it to. The professor was slightly confused and quickly said,


"Yes, yes class dismissed!" Rebecca just like History bolted from the room. She made it to the gym and dressed. She prayed to God that the new kid wasn't here. She came to the mats and bowed at the corner before coming to the center. She tightened her black belt and sat on her knees. Uncomfortable she switched to her meditation stance. Meditation sounded nice, so she concentrated and she was in a different place, a calm place. Her happy place with no research papers, new kids or anything of the sort just her and her boyfriend. Everything was quiet until she heard the already annoying British accent of the new kid, the kid's name could never stay in her head. She ignored him, but she was coming out of her meditative state. She was angry.


"What?" she snapped.


"Are you the instructor?"


"No. Do I look like the sensei?"


"Well no, but you're the only black belt." She rolled her eyes and saw Cinder come over to them.

"Is he giving you trouble Becca?"


"No Cinder, its okay." He turned his attention to Cinder,


"Cinder, as in Cinderella?"


"Yes, the one and only." she curtsied and he blushed. She was only kidding Cinder wasn't short for anything, its all her mother could say before she died. Her father just put Cinder on the certificate. "I'm only kidding, its just Cinder." Sensei came into the room and we stood.


"Class, we have a new member of our Dojo. Please help me welcome Philip."  Rebecca didn't hear his name, it was like Sensei was speaking on a different sound frequency.  Rebecca shook her head and went to looking at him, the exchange student. He was cute, it was just creepy how he kept looking at her. "Rebecca come forward. You will be teaching the class today." Rebecca made her way to the front of the mats. 

"Hi-ya." she screamed. Taking the offensive stance. "Hi Kick." That's all she remembered before blacking out. 

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