An Angel's Love

Rebecca Snow did not know what made her special. She only knew her eyes normally green turned silver on the full moon days and nights. That she had two crescent moon birthmarks on her shoulder blades, and that somehow the exchange student seemed to follow her everywhere. Watched her with a certain degree that she found both endearing and slightly stalker-ish. She didn't think she loved him, but what if he had the key to a secret that could open her eyes and tell her who she is. _What_ she is.

Phillip Evans knew what he was, a Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven because he could not choose fast enough, but not accepted by Hell at the same time. He found love in the Louisiana town Carlyss, her name Rebecca Snow, she didn't know she was a Fallen. Her eyes normally green, glowed silver on the days and nights of the full moon, just as his did. She had the mark of the Fallen on her shoulders. She was his soul mate, only she didn't know it...yet

To each other they were the keys to get back


4. Chapter Four: The Fallen

Chapter Four: The Fallen





Philip Evans woke up in his dorm, his wings still out from the night before. He rose from his bed and walked slowly to his mirror. For an Ice Angel he was tan, and of course blonde, all ice angel's were. His piercing blue eyes startled even him, and he'd been looking at them for thousands of years. Philip remembered everything about his life up in Heaven. Before he fell, he sealed off Hell with his Ice Wall, he thought he would be a hero, but the Creator cast him out before he could make his decision. At least he fell with his love, his Gabrielle. In every reincarnation she had the same green eyes that glowed silver under the full moon. Her hair changes. In this cycle it was black as a raven's wing. She was extremely pale, but she was beautiful. She had the body of the warrior she truly was and she even found comfort in battle exercises. Philip knew her seventeenth birthday was coming up soon, and that the changes were taking place, that's why she passed out yesterday. 


Philip knew she couldn't hear his name until she was ready. Until her seventeenth birthday. He was going to allow her to pick a new name for him. He didn't care it was only temporary. Her birthday was two weeks from now. He had time, for her to fall in love with him, it wouldn't take long. It never did. Philip retracted his wings and went to the closet to change into his uniform, a blue polo and khakis. He tied his oxfords and walked out the door. 


Philip walked quietly but quickly. He didn't bother looking up, he heard a yell and then a small 'humph!' He looked down and saw Rebecca sitting in the grass glaring up at him.


"Watch where you're walking!" she said angrily. 


"Let me help you. I am terribly sorry Rebecca," he said trying to apologize, "I was in such a hurry."


"No shiz Sherlock, why are you in such a hurry? History doesn't start for another hour in a half."


"Then why are you awake?"


"I was going to do research on the Fallen paper." She replied shortly.


"You're not much of a morning person are you?" he said cheerily.


"What was your first clue?"


"Nothing; Just a mere observation, So you left Cinder then?"


"Well, yea she stayed up late, and I'm meeting Todd."


"Your boyfriend,"


"Yes, Jealous?"


"What? No, I just met you." Rebecca looked at Philip almost with a pained expression. "I didn't mean, that I don't find you attractive, I find you extremely attractive it's just that I know a lost cause when I see it, there's no point in trying to win your love when Todd obviously has it." He said sounding flustered.


"Actually I'm going to break up with him."




"Yes, somehow it doesn't seem right to be with him anymore." Rebecca looked away from Philip as they walked to the library. 


"If he gives you any trouble call me over and I'll help, all right?"


"Yes, thank you Philip." Rebecca hurried away and Philip browsed through the varying degrees of volumes ranging from easy ready to heavy research. Philip sat in the midst of Bibles and stories of the great fall. If he must write about an Angel, he was going to write about himself. It would be easy and no doubt Rebecca was writing about Gabrielle. Philip started writing and when he heard the yelp from Rebecca he had finished his assignment. He pushed the papers in his bag and hurried to the stacks of books that had to be re-shelved. 


"Todd leave me alone, its over!" She said shaking her arm to free herself from Todd's hold.


"No, Rebecca I love you!" 


"Really?, because you haven't exactly expressed it lately! I'm done, I'm not some popularity ladder!"


"Rebecca is there someone else?"


"What? No!" Philip came to her side.


"Hey she said leave her alone."


"This doesn't concern you ------! Just leave us alone."


"No, Rebecca needs to do research for her assignment, and she obviously doesn't want to be with you anymore. So just drop her wrist and leave." Philip stared into Todd's eyes and Todd suddenly dropped Rebecca's wrist and walked out of the library.


"Thank you so much." She blushed.


"Its fine, and I know you can't remember my name so just call me Buddy or something."


"All right, I'll call you Max. My best friend back home's name is Max."


"Okay, shall we? I already finished mine. Who are you researching?"


"The Arch Angel Gabrielle; yesterday was super weird I found a picture and we look exactly alike except for the hair. But everything else is the same. " Rebecca explained sitting down at a near by. Philip sat a crossed from her.


"Hey, I was talking to Cinder yesterday and she said your birthday is in two weeks."


"She told you that?"


"Yes. She invited me to go bowling with you guys. I guess Todd is no longer attending?"


"That would be correct." Rebecca opened a near by book and started to read. "Oh and when I was looking at a bible the words formed new words and sentences and glowed silver." Philip looked up, the change was going way too fast. If her wings start to grow too soon... the smell of a new Fallen would awaken the Dark Fallen, henchmen to Lucifer. 


"Rebecca, you're not alone, I went through this too. Everything will be explained in two weeks, I promise."


"Max, what are you talking about?"


"Like I said in two weeks I'll tell you everything. That's when the next Full Moon takes place. I really must be going." Philip got up and hurried to History twenty-five minutes early.


Rebecca continued to read. She opened the Bible and found an entry.


The Fallen

The Fallen are a race of creatures once viewed as the most Holy of the Angels. They are classified into three groups, Dark, Light, and Indecisive. Thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ the Fallen were cast out of Heaven, and Hell. They were cursed to roam the Earth until the One chose for them. Two will act as a key into Heaven or Hell.

The words again shone silver and sent shivers down Rebecca's spine. She slammed the book closed and walked out of the library. Shivering despite the Louisiana heat.



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