James McCallister is just an ordinary 16 year old boy, or is he? James has a secret, he remembers everything about his life even the past ones. The only problem is that 15 hundred years ago he had a destiny to fufill, a prophecy, with his twin sister. Now he has to remind her reincarnation who she really is and what they must do, but to get there he has to get rid of her evil stepfather.


1. the separation

Legends tells of a brother and sister destined to form an alliance with the crystal of Eliadrad. The crystal was told to be the most powerful weapon ever created. Its magic could heal anyone, but could also bring immortality to its master. The alliance was meant to bring balance to the crystal. Once the alliance made, darkness would not succeed on wheeling its power. The healers of the forest of Kalidra protected the crystal for thousands of years from the foul line of Blazourn. The Blazourn line was the longest line of kings ever. King Rhall was the latest king. Like his ancestors, he vowed his life to hunt down the crystal and its young masters.



513, forest of Kalidra

Landon and Nyonie are running

Landon- Did we lose them!

An arrow his shot in Nyonie' back

Nyonie- Landon

Landon- What's wrong (kneels at her side). You're hurt. We have to get you to the healers. They will help us.

Nyonie- No, if you carry me we'll never get there. We'll never fufill our destiny.

Landon- I'm not leaving you. You're my sister. I love you Nyonie.

Nyonie- I love you too brother, but you have to leave me. We will find each other again.

Landon- (cries and kisses his sister' forehead) Until we meet again.

Nyonie- (dead)

Landon- (hears the king' men and runs away)

King Rhall- (looks over Nyonie' dead body) Pity, so young, but also so dangerous. Well now there is only one of you.

A shadow starts to kill all of the men

Shadow- Rhall!

King Rhall- (turns around) Who dares to address me as ...

Shadow- (looks straight into the king' black eyes)

King Rhall- How is this possible you're dead!

Shadow- None truely die!

King Rhall- You were just a weak child.

Shadow- Yet here we are. Like your ancestors you think you can wipe us off the edge of the earth, but no one can change the prophecy. Like your father and his father' fathe, you will have to quit one day.

King Rhall- Never! Once the boy is dead i will have fufilled my destiny.

Shadow- Once the boy is with the healers you will have to give up. The cycle will continue. A new pair of twins will be born and your son will chase them like you did, killing one while the other survives. How many years has it been? Years wasted for power beyond ourselves.

King Rhall- This time I will succeed. This time I will fight fire with fire. (takes Nyonie' dead body and rides back to his castle)

Shadow- You can't change someone' destiny. You can't keep them apart forever. They will find each other. They will be a family again. The boy will find his sister even if it takes him fifteen hundred years.


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