James McCallister is just an ordinary 16 year old boy, or is he? James has a secret, he remembers everything about his life even the past ones. The only problem is that 15 hundred years ago he had a destiny to fufill, a prophecy, with his twin sister. Now he has to remind her reincarnation who she really is and what they must do, but to get there he has to get rid of her evil stepfather.


3. the reunion

Change of decor (classroom #1)

Mrs. Thompson- Everyone take your seats. Well, (smile) I am Mrs Thompson, your new English and litterature teacher. I hope we will not have any problems and have a good year. First off I would like you to introduce yourselves. Mrs Tiffanie Blanchard.

Tiffanie- Hey boys (with enthousiasm) and girls (with disgust). My name is Tiffanie, I am 15 years old, I was born in Los Angeles because I am a star. Just joking. My boyfriend is James McCallister and ...

Mrs. Thompson- Thank you Mrs. Blanchard, next is (names the names afterwards until James)

James- Hum, well everyone knows me. I am the most popular boy in school, I am 16 years old and my girlfriend is ... (sees a girl who looks familiar) Tiffanie Blanchard.

Mrs. Thompson- Thank you Mr. McCallister. Mrs Charlotte McKinley-Blake.

Charlie- Actually it’s just Chalotte McKinley.

James- (looks at her face and his memory returns like a flash)

Charlie- Anyway, my name is Charlotte, but everyone calls me Charlie, I’m 16 years old and my stepfather is the new mayor of this town. Mayor Blake.

Mrs Thompson- Thank you Charlie and welcome to Chicago (continues on with the names).

Bell rings

Change of decor (courtyard)

James- (walks towards Charlie)

Tiffanie- Baby where are you going (looks at Charlie) Are you checking out the new girl?

James- I’ve gotta go uh...

Tiffanie- Tiffanie!

James- Yah Tiffanie, well see ya (walks towards Charlie). Hi, I’m Landon.

Charlie- Is this a joke?

James- What? No, wh... Why would it be a joke?

Charlie- Cause your name is James and not Landon.

James- Well maybe you should call me Landon, I already hate James. It’s too fancy and douchy.

Charlie- How about you leave me alone. (leave)

James- (stops her) How about you try to make one new friend.

Charlie- Get lost or I’ll tell my ...

James- Stepfather.

Charlie- You’re dreaming, I’d rather tell my father than that creep.

James- Your father, is he a blacksm... I mean does he work in guns You know makes them.

Charlie- No he’s a doctor.

James- Really mine too and your mom.

Charlie- She runs a daycare center.

James- Do you have brothers and sisters?

Charlie- No, but I have a stepbrother named Callum and I have Brody.

James- Who’s Brody?

Charlie- An orphan boy that I take care of. It’s kinda sad. he lost his parents a few years ago.

James- It must be a rough life. Wait I tought you just moved here.

Charlie- I was with my dad all summer. My mom and my stepdad are the newbies here.

James- (thinks: I had a whole summer to find you, stupid James) Well I should’ve gone outside more often. I would’ve probably saw you. (weird smile)

Charlie- Yah (looks disturbed)

Bell rings

Charlie- Well we better go

Everyone leaves to go to class

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