James McCallister is just an ordinary 16 year old boy, or is he? James has a secret, he remembers everything about his life even the past ones. The only problem is that 15 hundred years ago he had a destiny to fufill, a prophecy, with his twin sister. Now he has to remind her reincarnation who she really is and what they must do, but to get there he has to get rid of her evil stepfather.


2. the only way

Back to Landon who arrives at the Lyon cave.

Healer 1- Welcome young one we have been expecting you.

Landon-Please my...

Healer 2- ...sister needs help. I am sorry young one. Your sister is gone, but her spirit is here.

The shadow reappears

Shadow- Hello brother!

Landon- You're not Nyonie!

Shadow- You're right and wrong. You see Nyonie was once my name, but before that I was Aralynn and before her I was Rylan.

Landon- You're lying, I was Rylan before and Aralynn was my sister. I remember everything. I remember all of my past lives. How?

Shadow- There is a spell around the cave meant for the twin masters of the crystal. In other words you and me.

Landon- So that means you're the shadow of reincarnation of my sister.

Shadow- Very good Landon!

Landon- We have to go get Nyonie' body to do the reincarnation ceremony. I hope this time we will succeed.

Shadow- Not this time, King Rhall has taken the child' body.

Landon- What? How did this happen? We're all doomed. Without her body she can't reincarnate as my sister.

Shadow- True, but we can make her remember who she was.

Landon- How?

Healer 1- It will take many years.

Landon- As long as I can find my sister I will risk it.

Shadow- You will be reborn with the same capabilities as your past lives, but without your sister. Once you have found Nyonie' reincarnation, everything you have learned since the beginning of your spirit' existence will be restored to your memory.

Landon- And then she will remember?

Shadow- No, you will have to remind her of who she was and what you two must do.

Landon- Alright, I'll do it. How long will it take?

Shadow- I don't know, but you will keep reincarnating until you fulfil your destiny.


Change of décor (James McCallister' bedroom)


2013, Chicago, USA


James- (wakes up)

His cellphone rings

James- Hello

Mrs. McCallister- Hi sweetie, I'm calling to let you know that your father and I are still in Hawaii. How was your week?

James- It was ok I guess. The dreams are coming back though.

Mrs. McCallister- Ok I'll tell your father you need your medication again.

James- Thanks mom, bye.

Mrs. McCallister- Bye sweetie (hangs up)

James- (hangs up and gets ready for school)


Change of décor (bus stop)


Tiffanie- James!

James- Eh babe (kisses her)

Tiffanie- Are you ready for tonight?

James-Yup I bought them yesterday.

Tiffanie- Great! (kisses him) Can't wait!

The bus arrives and everyone gets in.

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