Soul Brother and Sister

"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother.
"Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold rain.
This was only the beginning of their story though.


6. Chapter 6 - Kai

Kai shut his locker and jumped back at the face that was staring back at him. Drawing in a deep breath before he could even speak.

“Kai, we have talk,” Finn said looking over his shoulder at the nearly empty hallway. “What is going on with you?”

“I’ll be late for class,” Kai pulled out his phone looking at the time. “Class starts in two minutes.”

Finn sighed, “Man I know something is up.”

Kai knew he could trust Finn with some valued information but he didn’t really know how to interpret everything that was running through his mind. Seeing the girl who resembled his mother this morning was terrifying and made him curious.

“I have to tell you something,” Kai whispered as the warning bell rang and the remainder of students dispersed toward their respected classrooms.

Finn nodded and looked around the hallway. As the few other students scattered into class, a professor came up to Finn and Kai.

“Lads, you are going to be late,” he stated.

“Yes, Professor Konelly but Kai here is feeling a little under the weather. I was going to run him by the infirmary before class,” Finn acted like the model student he was not.

“Well, hurry it up then,” Professor Konelly nodded walking off toward his class.

Finn nodded as Kai and he walked down the hallway toward the infirmary. Finn looked back to make sure everything was clear before the pair of them bolted out the front doors of college. They continued to run down to the football field.

“Care for a cig?” Finn said pulling the pack out of his pocket.

“They’ll kill you,” Kai smirked grabbing one from the pack.

Finn with a cigarette in between his lips muttered, “But what an awfully big adventure it shall be.”

The pair of boys had been friends since primary school and they knew each other would always have each other’s back no matter.

Finn slowly lit up his cigarette and passed the lighter over to Kai. He looked around first to make sure that nobody was watching. It was against college policy to smoke and with Kai being a prominent footballer he did not want to mess it up.

“So what is going on man?” Finn asked before taking a hit off of his cigarette. He inhaled the nicotine and while blowing out the excess smoke said, “you have been acting like mental for the past few days.”

Kai took a long drag off of his cigarette, blowing the smoke upward and away from the conversation. He did not want to tell Finn everything but what else could he really do. His thoughts about the girl from this morning were overflowing in his mind and he had to spill them.

“I saw a girl,” Kai said before taking another drag.

“A girl? Seriously mate! A girl has you all worked up. Damn,” Finn took another drag, “must be some girl.”

“It’s not even like that!” Kai yelled, dropping the cigarette.

Finn held up his hands, cigarette in mouth, and took a step back. The pair of them always did this to show that they were on each other’s side and that there was no reason to start stressing.

“Calm down mate,” Finn smirked, cigarette still in between his lips. “Okay. So tell me about this girl.”

“Just forget it,” Kai shrugged, sitting down on the stands.

Everything was getting all screwed up. Everything from his necklace to the girl from this morning. Her image was burned into Kai’s mind and he could not focus on anything else. The only thing that would take his mind off his image was where the hell had he gone the other night. He was slowly losing his mind, he was certain.

“Kai,” Finn laid his hand on his shoulder, “tell me what the fuck is going through that fucked up mind. Kay?”

“Fine,” Kai drew in a deep breath. “The girl I saw this morning looked exactly like my mom. She looked like she could have been my sister or something. She was too young to be my mom. She was in the middle of the road. She knew my name but I have never seen her before.”

Finn stared at Kai like he was crazy but continued to listen.

“She knew my name Finn. It’s now a common name so how could she have guessed it? She was telling me I wasn’t safe at school. That I had to run and a lot of other stuff. I assumed she was mental so I went to grab my phone. I was going to call for help. But by the time I turned around she was gone,” Kai felt a weight lift off of him from telling the ridiculous story.

“Kai, you do know how ridiculous all that sounds right?” Finn asked him. “Have you been smoking spliff again?

“No,” Kai shook his head. “I’m just going to head home. Call it a day, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll ride with you. My mum dropped me off because she needed the car today,” Finn sighed.

The pair of them walked back toward the car lot that would hopefully be empty by now. Kai’s Jetta was parked at the back of the lot and would take a few minutes to get to. Neither of the boys were interested in conversation now though.

The strange morning was not over yet though.

As they approached the front of the college to cut through the lot to Kai’s Jetta they heard the loudspeaker cut on.

“Hello students. This is Headmaster Taylor speaking. I have a few gentlemen here in my office looking for Kai White. Again, that is Kai White. Kai, these gentlemen assure me that you will be better off turning yourself in now. Please head up to my office immediately and there will be no more trouble.”

The loudspeaker cut off as Kai and Finn stood in front of the college. Before either of the boys could speak they heard a scream from behind them.

“Kai!” the pair of boys turned around to see a short, pale-skinned girl standing less than ten feet away.

“Kai?” Finn asked him and all he could do was nod. “Is that the girl from this morning?”

The girl started walking up toward the boys and Finn lost the little color in his face. He had been thinking that Kai had only had a bad trip this morning but now seeing the younger version of Kai’s mother in the flesh he was feeling dizzy.

“Kai,” she sounded winded, “don’t go to the Headmaster’s office.”





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