Soul Brother and Sister

"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother.
"Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold rain.
This was only the beginning of their story though.


5. Chapter 5 - Jai

“What are we going to do?” Olivia’s sweet voice was filling Jai’s ears and she refused to open her eyes.

The lovely thought of this only being a dream began to fade quickly as the room filled with the murmurs of the other people who were in the room.

“Silence,” Jordan spoke softly. “She is awake and you are startling her. Olivia, take the rest outside.”

Olivia went to protest but Jayden grabbed her arm.

“After you love,” he whispered but audible enough for everyone in the room.

The nameless men and women followed shortly after them as Jordan felt Jai’s forehead to see if she was running a temperature.

“She saw him,” he turned to face the elderly woman in the room. “Get her water. Since you have neglected her of her gift she’ll be in shock.”

The elderly woman nodded knowing that Jai could be in danger because of what she had just experienced.

“Jai, I cannot help you if you do not wake up,” Jordan whispered in her ear.

“Why? You want to hurt whoever Kai is, and you wish to hurt me. I can hear it in my mind. The woman was screaming,” Jai’s voice was shallow as she sat up slowly.

“Come sit with me,” Jordan said as he walked over to the couch, patting the spot next to him.

“I prefer the floor,” Jai spat while the elderly woman returned giving Jai a glass full of water. “Thank you Gran.” Jai drank slowly to help ease the pain that was developing in her temples.

Jordan watched Jai drink the whole glass of water. He could see the pain in her head that she was experiencing from her recent travel to Kai.

“The pain,” he began, “is because you traveled to Kai. You and Kai are the last of our kind with the ability to do this, you know?”

Jai turned to look at him and stared. A million thoughts were rushing through her mind and the woman’s voice had returned to her mind.

Ignore him Jai.

 “And the voice you are hearing is your mother’s. She,” he barely made the last word audible when Jai cut him off.

“This voice is not my mother’s!” she screamed and it felt as if the house was shaking, causing Jai to become fearful of her own voice. “This voice that resides in my mind does not belong to my mother. My mother left me and she has no place in my mind.”

“Your mother did not leave you. She took Kai and fled,” Jordan smirked. “She left you with your useless half-breed father. I can see why though, Kai is stronger than you of course. We could not trace him down.”

“Stop it fool,” the elderly woman made her presence known again. “I’ve let the real council know you are here. They will be coming to put an end to you all.”

“We are not leaving without the girl,” Jordan’s eyes changed from jet black to rose red. “And the ‘real council’,” he laughed and it bounced from the windows to the walls. “The ‘real council’ is a mess. A bunch of frail, old men who cannot control their talents. About the same as this useless girl,” he pointed toward Jai.

“They will come for you and they will destroy you,” the elderly woman vowed. “Or I will,” she held her hand up high.

“That’ll be enough,” Olivia clicked on her high heels back into the living room. She raised her hand causing the wrist of the old woman to flick backwards, breaking, without touching her. Jai watched her grandmother fall to the ground in agony.

“Gran!” she rushed over to her, cradling her head in her lap.

“Olivia, what did I tell you about that?” Jordan sighed.

Olivia shrugged as Jai did everything she could not to cry in front of the people who she thought to be mental patients.

“Just leave us alone!” she yelled at them, through the tears.

“Can’t,” Olivia smirked as Jordan grabbed her hand, lowering it to her side.

“Jai, all you have to do is help us find Kai. Once we have you we will allow you to join our council. We will love you to help rule our kind,” Jordan smiled. “Maybe I will have you as my queen.”

“I would never be queen for you,” Jai looked down at her grandmother. “Tell me what I can do. Please Gran, you have to help me,” she whispered slowly.

The old woman was slowly turning blue but mumbling something that Jai could not understand.

“The poison will kill her shortly,” Olivia smiled, still sounding like an angel despite her speaking the words of a devil. “Unless I reverse it. See, I have the gift of poison. I can affect everyone who is not our kind.

“Jordan here, has the power of sight. That is why he always knows what you are thinking. And you my dear have the gift of travel. You can travel to your soul brother any time you please. If you were properly trained then you could do many more things with your gift. Like mast all the other gifts as long as you with your soul brother.”

“You and Kai are the last soul brother and sister in our kind,” Jordan spoke to Jai pushing Olivia behind him.

“And exactly what are we then? Because I have never known witches to be real!” Jai spat at them while still holding onto her grandmother.

“Witches! How dare you?” Olivia yelled from behind Jordan.

“Silence!” Jordan yelled causing her to bow her head down. “We are Supremes. We look and behave like humans but with our gifts we are supreme.”

“Jai,” her grandmother fought out the frail word.

Jai shook her head at Jordan and Olivia who stood proudly in front of her. She leaned her ear closely to her grandmother.

“Repeat after me, ‘Trahe me frater meus.’ Now,” she said with her last breathe.

Jai let a tear slip down from her eye, falling down onto her grandmother’s cheek.

“Olivia,” Jordan snarled. “The poison has taken the life of the old woman.”

Olivia gasped, stepping around Jordan and walking toward the old woman. She placed her hand on the old woman’s forehead.

“She was too frail,” Olivia stepped away, shaken up by the death. “I thought she would be stronger. Jordan, Jordan. I am so sorry. I did not mean for this to happen,” she spoke quick, stumbling over her words.

“I’m done with all of you. Forget this madness!” Jai yelled at them. “You took the last thing I had. And if all of this is true I am going to find my brother. Trahe me frater meus!”

Within a second Jai disappeared into thin air leaving Jordan and Olivia standing alone with the dead body. Soon after Jayden run in through the doors looking at the pair of Supremes standing there.

“Are you happy now Olivia? You revoked our only leverage!” Jayden yelled. “We all just saw the soul leave. And as you both are aware, souls are too hard to follow!”

“Calm down Jayden,” Jordan smiled. “She used the maxim to travel to her brother. The elderly woman only had time to teach her one maxim.”

“What are you getting at brother?” Jayden snarled.

“The woman did not teach her a hiding maxim. We found her once, so we shall find her again,” Jordan walked over to the window just as the clouds separated, revealing the moon during the sunlight hours. “And this time she will be with Kai.”

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