Soul Brother and Sister

"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother.
"Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold rain.
This was only the beginning of their story though.


4. Chapter 4 - Kai

With a scream and sweat drenching his body Kai awoke, to his surprise in his own bed. Blinking multiple times he sat up and looked around the room. 
The pale blue walls seemed to enclose on him as he shut his eyes and grabbed his necklace. 
“One, two, three,” Kai counted aloud, slowly as there was a knock on the door. 
“Kai?” the voice on the other side of the door belonged to his aunt, Amelia. “Are you okay? I heard screaming.”
Kai opened his eyes to see the walls back in their rightful place and he climbed out of bed. His walk to the door felt longer than usual and the doorknob was ice cold. 
“I’m fine Amelia,” Kai said smiling. “I didn’t mean to wake you up so early. I know you like to sleep in.”
Amelia laughed at him. 
“Who is supposed to assume parental responsibilities here? Me or you?” she smiled as she walked away back toward her room.
Amelia had moved into Kai’s house once his mother disappeared from the town. Kai refused to transfer schools and move across the country to live with Amelia. He hardly knew the woman after all. The only memory of her was at his sixth birthday party. 
Amelia was his father’s sister, according to his mother, and with his father being absent from his life it wasn’t like his side of the family showed up all the time. 
Kai felt that Amelia only showed up to see his mother. They did spend a bit of time talking away from the party but there was lots of screaming children there. 
A week later Kai and his mother moved away from their home to a completely different state. Kai never saw Amelia again until the day in court when Finn’s parents were asking the judge for custody of him so he wouldn’t be put into the system. 
Kai brushed away the memories. He was going to be late for school if he didn’t hurry. Quickly he showered and got dressed. In less than twenty minutes he was heading out the door. 
As Kai climbed into his Volkswagen Jetta and just before starting it up his phone rang. Kai proceeded to start the car and back out of the driveway ignoring the call. As the phone rang Kai drove and switched around on the radio until he found a station that was halfway decent music. 
The phone finally stopped ringing and started ringing once again. Kai looked down once he reached a STOP sign to see it was Finn. The call went to voicemail and Kai saw twenty-seven missed calls, all of which were from Finn. 
Sighing Kai dialed back Finn’s number. 
“Kai!” Finn screamed as soon as he answered on the first ring. 
“Yes Finn. This is Kai. The owner of the phone you have been harassing. What do you want man? I’m driving to school now,” Kai said making the final turn to school. 
“Man I have been freaking out since last night. You dropped to the ground because of your necklace then you disappeared! I called your aunt like a thousand times and she said you weren’t home. I have been looking for you all night!” Finn was panicking and being big brother like. 
Kai always liked how Finn was a good friend because of his worrisome tactics but this was a bit much. 
“I just went for a run then I went home,” Kai lied because he couldn’t recall the events of last night. “I should have sent you a text or something. I know I kinda freaked out last night.”
“Alright man. I’ll see you at school,” Finn said seeming satisfied with Kai’s excuse. 
Kai hung up the phone and placed it into his cup holder, turning up the music to relax for the final few minutes before he arrived at school. 
Singing along to the radio and happy to be alone and conscience Kai smiled. He looked down at the radio to see the name of the song so he could later put it on his iPod and as he looked up there was a girl standing in the middle of the road. 
Kai slammed on the brakes and jerked the wheel to the right to avoid hitting her. As the Jetta pulled off the road and nearly into the gulley on the side of the road Kai threw off his seat belt. He didn’t really care about the car, only the girl standing in the middle of the road. 
“Are you okay?” Kai asked the slim girl with black hair. “Come on, get out of the road.”
She looked at Kai and he was surprised by her features. They reminded him of his mother’s face, and slightly of his own as he looked at her. 
“You cannot go there,” the girl whispered as she pointed toward the school. “You are in danger. You must run now. Leave here.”
“What are you talking about? Who are you? Do you need help?” Kai slowly pulled her out of the road so if there was any more traffic they would not be subjected to what Kai had just dealt with. 
“Kai,” she whispered and he jolted back. “You have to run. Please.”
“Who are you?” Kai demanded. 
“I don’t have much more time. Just run. You cannot trust anyone. Run!” she screamed and nearly knocked Kai off his feet with the boom in her voice. 
“Just wait right here okay,” Kai said still stumbling backwards. “I’m going to call for help.”
Kai ran back to his car to grab his cell phone.
“Just run Kai!” the girl screamed as he grabbed the phone and turned around. 
No one was there anymore. The girl had simply vanished and Kai’s necklace was growing ice cold again. Wincing from the pain Kai climbed back into his car. 
He braced himself and grabbed ahold of the necklace.
“One, two, three,” Kai repeated slowly. 
Once he felt calm enough he started the Jetta back up, pulling back onto the road. A million thoughts were flooding his mind about the girl he had just saw who appeared and disappeared in an instant. 
The question he really wanted to know was why did she look so similar to his mother and him? 





Sorry for the wait everyone. I had to ask for help with this chapter from a fellow author. I hope you guys like it though. Share it with your friends too :)


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