Soul Brother and Sister

"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother.
"Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold rain.
This was only the beginning of their story though.


3. Chapter 3 - Jai

Jai woke up, drenched in sweat and completely unaware of how she returned to her bedroom. The last memory she had was her standing underneath the moon.  

The moon, the only thing she loved with such passion aside from her father. Her father was everything and in the last year without him she was feeling neglected: empty.

Jai walked to the bathroom and quickly undressed for she was already running late this morning for school. After a two minute shower she jumped out of the freezing water.

Slowly she wrapped a towel around her slender body and walked toward her bedroom. The morning was getting more unusual by the second as Jai noticed that the time was rounding eight. There would be no way for her to make it to school on time and why was her grandmother not here yelling at her for the tardiness?

Jai slipped into some clothing rather quickly because now worry was engulfing her body. Panic was there but she managed to override it with a sliver of hope that maybe this was only a dream.

As Jai began opening her bedroom door she was shocked to see her grandmother standing right in the doorway.

“Oh!” Jai jumped back, startled by the presence of her grandmother.

“Why are you not ready for school yet?” her grandmother’s voice held no emotion.

“I, I,” Jai stuttered, unsure of a reason.

The reason was she left the house, without permission, and stumbled home barely awake. There was no time in that series of events that would allow for her to set an alarm.

“Well,” her grandmother glared around her. “You are not going anyway. We have visitors waiting for us in the main room.”

Jai was confused, her grandmother would never allow for visitors in the house. Jai knew this very well because when she moved here with her grandmother and was attempting to make friends she asked could she have a sleepover. Never had Jai heard the word no as fast as her grandmother spat it out that day.

As her grandmother turned to head back down the stairs, “I suggest you take off that horrid necklace.”

“But I never,” she was cut off by her grandmother’s words.

“For once do not argue child,” and with those final words her grandmother descended down the staircase.

Jai grabbed her necklace and pondered on the thought of removing the valued possession. Then her mind darted to a question that was burning in her mind through any other thought.

Who were the visitors in the main room?

Jai neglected her grandmother’s advice and instead just tucked the necklace underneath her shirt. She slowly walked toward the staircase hearing faint voices coming from the main room.

As she entered the main room she counted the faces sitting and standing throughout the room. Seven men and women were in there aside from her grandmother.

Two tall men stood by the picture window in sharp, black suits. A woman in a white dress that showed off her figure well and revealed a shooting star that appeared to be glowing on her arm. She sat in one of the neat, white chairs her grandmother refused to anyone. Two more women in navy skirt-suits stood in front of the small fireplace that never burned. The final two men sat on the couch, shirtless.

Their bodies were covered with scars and nothing like an ordinary scar. The scars they possessed were in a crescent moon outline all along their torsos. One of them blonde, short hair and the other one with shaggy, black hair he pushed out of his face.

The man with the black hair spoke to Jai first.

“Hello Jai,” his deep bass of a voice echoed on the walls.

“Hello,” Jai’s eyes were still darting between all the faces as her grandmother stood motionless in the entrance that connected the main room to the dining room. “Who are all of you?”

The woman in the white dress spoke next.

“Jai,” her voice made Jai want to melt, it was so soft and filled with sweetness. “We are a part of the council. Do you not remember us?”

Jai shook her head and attempted to swallow the lump that was growing in her throat. Her fists slowly clenched and unclenched as her mind started getting a little hazy.

The shirtless, blonde man stood up off of the couch and walked toward Jai.

“Your grandmother,” he laughed which only confused Jai even more. “Well actually she is not your grandmother but of course you would not remember that.”

Jai turned toward her grandmother whose face was going white. The rest of the people in the room shifted slightly focusing on the shirtless man standing in front of Jai.

“Where is Kai?” he asked her, staring into her blue eyes.

“Who is Kai?” is all Jai could manage to get out.

“Let me start over,” he cleared his throat. “I’m Jayden and that handsome fellow over there,” he pointed to the other shirtless man in the room, “is my twin Jordan.”

“It’s lovely to meet you both,” Jai’s eyes darted to the rest of the room hoping for some sort of introduction but was soon greeted with nothing more than silence.

Jai straightened her back to attempt to show strength in this situation. The only thing that Jai was thinking was that these seven people were here to kill her grandmother and her.

“Now,” Jayden turned and walked toward her grandmother. “Your grandmother, we’ll keep referring to her as your grandmother only to lessen the confusion, refuses to announce the whereabouts of Kai. So I believe you will reveal his whereabouts.”

“I apologize in advance but I have no idea who Kai is,” Jai said with minute shaking in her voice.

The room seemed to snarl at Jai’s response. Jai looked at the two men next to the window who had not moved a muscle. As Jai moved her line of sight back to Jayden the woman in white was standing right in front of her.

“Jai,” the sweetness in her voice remained but the snarl of her lip proved her anger. “We do not have time for games.”

“Olivia!” Jordan rose up from the couch finally, pushing his hair out of his face once more. “Sit!” he commanded.

The woman in white, now announced as Olivia, growled at Jai before walking slowly back to her seat. Jayden remained beside Jai’s grandmother.

“It seems my brother is unable to keep control of the remaining council,” Jordan’s deep voice made Jai want to cower but she stood her ground.

The men standing in front of the window took a step back before kneeling down on one knee. The women standing in front of the fireplace bowed their heads. Olivia followed their lead as Jordan made his way over to Jai.

As Jordan came closer to Jai her body shuddered in fear. He was easily six feet tall and hovered above Jai’s small statue. She refused to back down and be left defenseless but she knew there was no way out of this inevitable end.

“Jai,” he laughed and looked over at Jayden. “She believes we have come here to kill her and the old woman.”

The room waited until Jordan began to laugh until they allowed a few chuckles themselves. Jordon held up a hand and immediately the room was filled with complete silence once again.

“My dear we do not wish any harm toward you. The old woman has no relation to you so therefore I could care less about her,” he stared directly into her eyes, “but if we were going to kill her I would have already commanded so.”

Jordan cleared his throat once again and made his way back toward the couch. He sat down and patted the spot next to him.

“Come Jai. We have much to talk about now.”

Jai looked around at the many faces and her head filled with voices. A voice that was too familiar but Jai could not tell who it was. 

Jordan was speaking in front of her asking was she alright but she could not hear his voice any more only the voice inside her head. 

The woman inside her head was screaming. 

"Go warn Kai!" Jai finally made out the words the woman was screaming and after she heard them Jai fell to the ground, completely unconscious. 

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