Soul Brother and Sister

"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother.
"Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold rain.
This was only the beginning of their story though.


2. Chapter 2 - Kai

"Kai pass the ball!" his best friend on the football team, Finn, yelled at him. 

Kai shot the ball high up so Finn could knock it down with his head. Finn took the ball to the goal with ten seconds left. Finn was being surrounded by the other team's players so he kicked the ball back to Kai who in return shot it straight for the goal. 

Everything seemed to stand still for a moment as Kai stared directly into the goal hoping that he could score the winning goal. 

The goal keeper dove for the ball but came up half a second short. The entire sidelines of Kai's team began to scream in joy as Kai's teammates surrounded him pulling him in for a thank you. 

"We did it man!" Finn yelled at Kai, slapping their hands together and pulling toward each other for an embrace. 

"We did," Kai spoke soft because everyone else was yelling. 

The field began clearing out but Kai remained standing in the middle of the field looking up at the sky. The stars were filling up the sky slowly and Kai felt as if he could do anything. 

"Hey man," Finn called from the sidelines. "You coming? Everyone is going back to Harry's for the winning party."

"It's going to rain," Kai spoke softly because he hated to yell. "Hope it's an inside party," he smiled because he knew Finn could not hear him. 

Finn walked onto the field and put his hand onto Kai's shoulder. 

"Are you okay?" he asked. 

"Fine," Kai said reaching underneath his jersey and pulling out the necklace his mother had left for him. 

Two stars connected by thorn covered rose vines with two blooms. The blooms were bright ruby and shone bright off of Kai's dark skin color. His mother made him promise to never take it off the night before she disappeared. 

"Man," Finn's voice was concern. "I know it's hard to think about it. And I mean I guess I don't really know all that much. But I think you need to get rid of the necklace."

"What?" Kai yelled at him finally looking down from the sky. 

"I mean," Finn cleared his throat, scared of Kai's stare now. "Nobody in town thinks she disappeared. Everybody thinks she just left you. I think the necklace is holding you back."

Kai looked back up at the sky. As the rain droplets began to fall down to the earth, covering the sacred stars, Kai began to speak. 

"My mother would not have just left me Finn. Believe what you want. And any of these dumb asses can believe she left. Somebody took her and I promise I will find her one day."

It had been a year since Kai's mother vanished off the face of the Earth, well just in the state because they spent weeks looking for her. 

"Come on man," Finn said putting his hand back onto his shoulder. "At least come to the party. Everybody is going."

"Everybody but me," Kai sighed. "You just made me realize I have to find her Finn."

"Stop Kai! We looked, for weeks. She is gone."

Kai stared into the sky as the stars began to disappear. The necklace he was wearing became ice cold against his skin, it stung him a bit. 

Wincing from the shock of the cold necklace he looked into Finn's blue eyes. 

"Please man. Stop talking about finding her," Finn hated having to tell him this. "Just. I don't know what you should do but if she left she doesn't want to be found and if someone made her leave they are doing a very good job at keeping her hidden."

Kai drew in a deep breathe knowing that Finn was right. 

"I just miss her man," Kai said falling down to the ground. 

"Kai!" Finn yelled looking around at the empty field. 

Kai's eyes began to flutter as the necklace grew colder against his skin. 

"My necklace," Kai shivered. "It, it is fr-freezing," Kai stuttered on all the words coming out of his mouth. 

"Hang on!" Finn lifted Kai up and attempted to unclasp the necklace but immediately drew his hand back at the touch. "Fuck!" he yelled as it burned him. 

Kai continued to shiver from the necklace. 

"It burns man," Finn was trying to stay calm as the rain began to pick up. 

The downpour was causing puddles to form in the field. Kai focused on the sky believing that his necklace was going to kill him. He felt paralyzed, stuck to the ground and his friend could not even help him right now. 

"I'm going to go get help!" Finn yelled. "Stay here!" 

Kai wanted to laugh but he couldn't stop focusing on the slight gleam coming from between two sets of clouds. The star was shining bright and trying to force the clouds away. 

The rain was freezing and coming down in larger drops than before. Kai lifted his head toward the parking lot where Finn had ran to call for help. 

The star broke through the clouds and Kai saw the bright light shining down on him from the one star. Then before he could think about it the necklace grew warmer, still cold but warm enough for him to stand up. 

He could see Finn in his car, on the phone frantically speaking to someone. Kai couldn't think about any of that right now he had to get off this field. 

Kai looked once more back at Finn and could tell he wasn't paying attention to him. Kai started running, fast. 

The adrenaline from the run overtook his body and he couldn't stop. The world seemed endless with him and as he looked up at the sky the star had disappeared. 

His run soon became a slow jog. 

"What am I doing?" Kai said softly. 

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