Ruby red

A girl with a fox inside


1. The fox

It was a dark and stormy night... Actually no, it wasn't. It was just perfect, blue skies and fluffy white clouds, and it was a day of great celebration. It wasn't even night...

A princesses was to be born upon this day. Her name was Dragonwillow. But this is not her story. It is the story of a young servant also born upon this day. So the princess was born in the evening, as the sun set. And the little servant girl was born at midnight. She was beautiful, but far to slim for a child, and would probably remain that way her whole life. She had long red wavy hair, and long pointed ears. After the midwife left she yawned. Showing her teeth, sharp canine teeth. Her mother smiled, her daughter was to be one of the blessed. She had a sprit most likely a fox, like the mother herself. Unfortunately, the mother died when the girl was five. Unable to teach her how to use this power, and she hadn't anyone even the girl herself. She had intended to wait until the customary age, when the girl was 13. 


I woke up a little groggily just to find a sleeping boy next to me. I screamed.

He woke up and shook his head to clear it. I recognized him, he works at the bar to.

"Oh hey," he said, "I came up to tell you that I bought you last night. So you're mine"

 My mind was whirling I don't remember being bought last night, of course last night was the 12th anniversary of the night my mom died, so I had a lot of alcohol, and I don't remember much past my first drink. I almost screamed and ran out the door, but I remember I couldn't do that I didn't have any clothes on. Then he put his hand where no man should go without permission. I was paralyzed. Then I snapped out of it. I kneed his groin. I was furious. I reached under my pillow and grabbed my knife and forced him down of the bed. I thrust the knife under his chin. "Oh," he said.

"I will kill you," I raged I was flaming mad.

"It was just a joke he said. I glared at him "I promise it was just a prank and I wanted to see If I could trick you. So I sneaked into to your room last night you had passed out because of all the drinking. Its just a prank a harmless prank." He said breathlessly. I realized I was cutting his breath off and loosened up a bit. Then I punched him in the eye. "What was that for?" he said. 

"Playing a nasty prank on me." I replied and got up. He came up behind me and I didn't notice I was to busy putting my cloths on. I was about to put on my pants when he grabbed my wrists. I stood up. I could feel his hard presence between my legs it slowly moved upwards. I was about to turn around and slash his throat but I decided that would be a bad idea. So I forced myself to drop the knife.

"You know just because I didn't buy you doesn't mean we can't have it." he whisper seductively in my ear.

"I guess so?" I said in an unconvinced voice.

"I know so, we will have so much fun" I was pretty sure I didn't want his idea of fun. But it would be fun to watch his face wen I punch him in the eye with out warning, so I played along. I turned around. I leaned in like I was going to kiss him but the I stopped just in front of his lips and hissed, "But I don't want to." He looked confused it gave me just enough time to knee him in the groin and then punch him in his good eye. He groaned and stumbled back. I gave him a hard kick in the stomach to finish the job.

"Don't ever come into my room again, with out permission!

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