We Started In Starbucks

Hayley, Jannsen, Jolene, Faith, and Miku were just average girls who had just moved to London. They were also a bit of dreaming Directioners themselves, while not exactly SUPER INSANELY CRAY-CRAY. Still, they never thought they would ever actually meet One Direction in person. They were wrong . . .


2. Secret Cakes

 Harry's P.O.V.

We all laughed harder than we'd ever laughed before when Hayley fell out of her chair with Niall. After all of that, I met up with a girl named Jannsen. We sat down at a table after buying two black & white cookies. I could not take my eyes of of her. Jannsen is absolutely beautiful with an amazing sense of humor and style. She was wearing a blue Abercrombie jacket over a shirt that says, "just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bombdiggity" with grey jeans and black flats. Every time I said anything, Jannsen let out this cute little giggle. "Why do you laugh any time I say something?" I ask her. Another laugh.

"Because your accent is adorable!"

"What about it is adorable, love?"

"British accents are cute, and you talking makes it cuter." 

I felt myself blush, earning another giggle from Jannsen.

"The girls and I were going back to Miku's place to play Movie Roulette for Hayley's 20th birthday tonight. You and the guys can come over too, if you want to."

"That would be great, thanks. It's funny, the lads and I were going to try to find something to do tonight for Niall's 20th birthday. When's your birthday, love?"

"I will be 20 on February 1st of next year." Jannsen replied confidently. My jaw dropped, and Jannsen looked at me like I had just sprouted another head. "Sorry," I said. "I was just surprised. We have the same birthday."

'You know what we should do?" Jannsen asked me.


"I only live, like, 3 blocks away, so the girls and I walked here. You have your car here, right?"

"It's Louis', but yeah."

"We could drive to the store down the road and get a cake for Niall and Hayley while the others walk back to Miku's apartment."

"That's a great idea, Jannsen. It looks like everyone's about to leave now." I reply, watching everyone begin to get up. I take a bite of my cookie to try to finish it before we depart. I start choking when a sudden realization comes to me like a slap in the face mid-swallow.

"OMG Harry,are you okay?!" Jannsen asks, rushing to my side to pat my back."Yeah, I'm fine. My food just went down the wrong tube, that's all." I lied

I had just realized that I was in love with Jannsen. Her eyes, her smile, her personality, she was absolutely beautiful and perfect.

Jannsen and I told everyone where we were going and to keep it a secret from Hayley and Niall. 



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