We Started In Starbucks

Hayley, Jannsen, Jolene, Faith, and Miku were just average girls who had just moved to London. They were also a bit of dreaming Directioners themselves, while not exactly SUPER INSANELY CRAY-CRAY. Still, they never thought they would ever actually meet One Direction in person. They were wrong . . .


3. Our Moment

   Jannsen's P.O.V.


Harry and I walked to Louis' car after he gave us the keys. i climbed into the driver's seat, because I had my license and Harry didn't. We drove out of the parking lot while everyone else started down the sidewalk to Miku's apartment. In the car, Harry and I sang every song that came on the radio that we knew the words to. Once we found a good parking spot, which took FOREVER, Harry and I got out of the car. As soon as we walked through the doors, 2 teenage girls were standing before us. They looked at Harry with googly-eyes, then at me like I should be burned at the stake at sunrise. They then whipped out their phones and began typing like there was no tomorrow. Harry grabbed my hand and speed-walked to the bakery section of the store. 

"What's the rush, Harry?" I ask, almost losing my shoe that has come off of my heel.  Those girls just tweeted that I was here." he answered, his green eyes now filled with determination.

I had just told the cake decorator how to spell Hayley when a girl's voice screamed, "YOU'RE MINE HARRY STYLES!". Harry and I had enough sense to not even turn around before Harry whispered,    "Unless you want to be mauled by the entire population of British, 13 year old girls, I suggest we run love.". We paused and bolted away from the crowd, only to hear hundreds of running footsteps and screaming behind us. Harry and I ran through the aisles in an attempt to find somewhere to hide. I see a janitor's closet, pull us in and lock the door. This closet is barely big enough for a small child, let alone 2 adults hiding from an angry mob of horny, hormonal, teen girls. 

Harry hugged me tight enough to smell his sweet cologne that I recognized. 

"Is that 'Our Moment'?" I ask in a whisper. Harry looks down for a moment, as if unsure about something. He pulls me so close, there are only centimeters between our lips. "No. This is our moment.". Our lips connected, and I felt like nothing existed except me and Harry Styles.

Neither one of us wanted to pull away. When we did, I buried my face into his neck, crying.

"What's wrong, Jannsen?" Harry asks me.

"I'm freaking out right now! We're trapped in this tiny ass closet and an angry mob of girls that want me dead is trying to beat down the door to kill me and take you!" I answer, whisper-yelling 

Harry looks me straight in the eyes and says, "Jannsen. No matter what, I will not let anything happen to you. I haven't known you for long but I . . . I love you."

One last tear rolls down my cheek before a smile appears on my face and spreads to Harry's. Even though we're trapped in a closet, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Muffled yells come from outside the door sound like a man telling the crowd to leave because they are disturbing the shoppers. We come out of the closet, get our cake, call Jolene and tell her why we are late, and buy Hayley and Niall presents that go together- just like them.

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