We Started In Starbucks

Hayley, Jannsen, Jolene, Faith, and Miku were just average girls who had just moved to London. They were also a bit of dreaming Directioners themselves, while not exactly SUPER INSANELY CRAY-CRAY. Still, they never thought they would ever actually meet One Direction in person. They were wrong . . .


6. Oh Shit


 Jolene's P.O.V.

I was having an awesome Zayn with his hair blowing in the wind, when I was shaken awake by an overwhelming noise. I find myself jolting into weird positions and being smacked by Jannsen's flailing arm. I stand up with blurry, morning-vision, only to be smothered by a falling blanket and hit with a pot someone swung back. I scream and fall onto the ground, and the noise stops. Zayn lifts the cover off of me, revealing my horrible bed-head. He helps me up as I make a futile attempt at trying to tame my wild mane. Zayn rubbed my forehead where I was hit, and asked me if I was okay. I nodded, mesmerized by his eyes. 

"What do we do now?" Louis asks, breaking the silence.

"Let's go to the mall!" Jannsen suggests, throwing her hands in the air. 

We all agreed and started to leave. Zayn puts his arm around me as we walk to my car, and I feel my face heat up. All of us decided on the Westfield mall uptown. Louis, Miku, Liam, and Faith got into Louis' car, and Niall, Hayley, Jannsen and Harry got into Hayley's car. On the way to the mall, I taught Zayn the words to this song on YouTube called "After Ever After" when we plugged my phone into the car. 

When we are inside the mall, girls started hitting on Zayn (I can't blame them!) He waved politely, took my hand in his, and hurried to catch up with the others. We froze mid-step when a large crowd of girls were blocking every path to escape. And they were all, serious, Directioners.

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