We Started In Starbucks

Hayley, Jannsen, Jolene, Faith, and Miku were just average girls who had just moved to London. They were also a bit of dreaming Directioners themselves, while not exactly SUPER INSANELY CRAY-CRAY. Still, they never thought they would ever actually meet One Direction in person. They were wrong . . .


1. Love Boat

    It was a crisp, cool autumn day in downtown London. My friends Jannsen, Jolene, Faith, Miku, and I were sitting in Starbucks on my 20th birthday. I was about to take a sip of my Vanilla Bean latte when Kiss You by One Direction started playing. My friends and I all started to sing along. We had created a band called Serenity together. Suddenly, the music stopped and a familiar Irish voice says, "Damn, those girls can sing!" We stopped, realizing Niall was here and he was talking about us.


    We turned around to see Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson looking straight at us. All of us have a crush on someone in the band. For me, it's Niall big time!  Jannsen's is Harry, Jolene's is Zayn, Faith's is Liam, and Miku's is Louis. 

All of the boys were looking at the girl who liked them. I almost fainted when Niall blushed after he saw me. He grabbed his drink and followed the boys off of the stage platform to us.

"Uh...hello. What's your name?" Niall asks me. 

"Hayley. I'm trying not to freak out over your accent!" I answer, looking around. I watch as Louis feels one of Miku's long ponytails. She dyed her hair blue in honor of Hatsune Miku, the Japanese vocaloid she is named after. Niall's wonderful laugh brings my attention back to his perfect complexion. We just stood in the middle of Starbucks, getting lost in each other's eyes.Harry bumped into Niall, shoving him aside and breaking our gaze. "Hello love, what's your name?" he asks me, flipping his hair. I had to admit he was hot, but I had my heart set on Niall.

"I'm Hayley. Quick question, how come the entire population of 13 year old girls isn't here?"

"We said on Twitter that we were at the mall in uptown London, so nobody will come looking for us in a downtown coffee shop." Niall answered. "Do you want to go sit out there? he asked, motioning with his free hand to a table outside. "Okay, sure."

We walked outside and sat down at the table closest to the door. While Niall was mid-sentence, there was a tapping on the glass. We turned around to see the remainders of Serenity and One Direction were lined up in front of the window. They were all singing the chorus of Love Boat loud enough to hear through the glass. Niall almost fell out of his seat laughing, and actually did when my chair tipped over. Niall jumped up to help me off of the ground, grabbing my hand in the process. We talked until our coffee cups were empty, neither one of us letting go.


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