Lost in Dreams

From the Movella “Still Breathing” is there a character called Tyler, this is his story. I’ll be making this 15 chapters long, since it’s only a side story. I hope you like it, and I’m sorry about the bad grammar, I’m working on that :)

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1. A secret or two

“You should tell them, sweety” Diamond said seriously. Diamond is my best friend; we have been friends since first day at school. When we were little she had gray shiny hair that was cut short, so at first I thought she was a boy like me. Later I learned that she actually was a girl, when her hair grew out and was at her shoulder - I started seeing the girly marks in her face, but I didn’t stop playing with her, like the other boys. She is my best friend and now her hair is all the way down to her bottom. Diamond is the only one that knows my secret, and I’m not going to tell anyone else. She and I had sneaked away from training and relaxed at the Fewi, the most relaxed place we can find. It got its name from the birds that live here… Fewi is a silent bird, you can hardly hear it. It’s blue like the pond in the area, its eyes is green as the grass. Therefor the place got the name Fewi. Diamond and I are lying in the grass, relaxing. Every day we train, and train, and train. I’m getting a bit sick of it, but it seems that I’m the only one.

“Yeah, like that would end well” I answered, and stared up in the sky. I like books, but dad told me to quit reading them. “They’ll bring you nowhere in life son! Training will!” he says. I’ll guess he’s right. But I like reading, another one of my secrets. The only class I have is human studies - a class that everyone is forced to take. I love it! The humans seem smart for Nomagi creatures! I could see a Fewi flying above me, high in the sky. Suddenly it ducked, I followed it with my eyes to the shiny blue pond where it got a fish and disappeared into the trees again. I love those, they’re so beautiful.

“I’m serious, it would make your life so much easier-“ she started.

“Di, drop the subject!” I plead. She shut up and started into the pond. I relaxed. Perhaps we should get back to training; I don’t want to get in to much trouble. It’s not like I haven’t been in trouble before, actually dad yells at me every day, it’s more that I don’t like it. “Maybe, we should get back” Diamond didn’t say a word, we just got up and started walking back to town.

“So… Who are you following to the prom?” I asked smilingly. She laughed “You silly! You promised me, when we were so small!” her thumb and middle finger almost touched, I laughed at her, and started running towards the school. Diamond may be a girl, but she is the fastest in our class! She gave me a head start before starting herself and actually had a little trouble catching up.

We reached the school, and sneaked into the outdoor class. The teacher started yelling at us when he saw us, but then mumbled that we didn’t need to train anyway, since we both are so ‘trained’ already.


The school is big, but the inside it mostly for weapons and health-departments. When you get to the main entrance there is a big sign that says “Le Serma yer, Le Serma fria, Le Vi Survi” Which is old katanien for “For the young, For the family, For our survival”. They’re of course referring to “SermaRiro”, which in our days is called “The red day”, when the Lighters decided our race was a treat to humanity, and marched into our country, killing every woman, man and child. Before reaching the big hill “Riro” it’s named today, they didn’t meet much resistance, but on that hill our forefathers killed and defended our land. The ‘war’ (If you even can call it that… I call it a slaughter) only lasted one day. When it was done, and all the corpses of that day were buried, the sun went down, and in the light of the sunset the hill appeared Red as blood. And it does that every year on that day. The elders believe it’s an effect of the mix of our kind’s blood: The magic of the lighters, and our persistent against getting hurt. I think it’s all the memories of the people who died. They don’t want to be forgotten, so every year they remind us. The lighters promised to leave us alone as long as we stay in our country, and we all take the ‘human course’ that they made. I have heard that they don’t even have one themselves… the name of the school is above the entrance. “Shakra” which means needed. After the war this school was build, not because we wanted to, but because it was needed therefor it got its name. When you walk in there’s a long hallway, with seven doors. Three of them leads to weapons, one to a library, two of them are health departments, and the last lead to another hallway, with seven more, with exact the same, the hallway that connect to that one is the last, and make the school into a horseshoe shape. A little bit further away there is a big building for big arrangements, like the prom.

I’m in the second last Tymino, before going into the same business as my dad. He’s a highly thought of shopkeeper, selling anything from Fek to verino shoes. I already work there part time - and earning a little bit of money. I’ll like to go out into the human world and discover a bit; maybe even find some things my dad can sell. My mum is a runner - and the finest you can find east of Vedom. Mostly the runners are killed from catching the Devil bulls around here - but she somehow survives. The meat is so expensive, so dad makes good money on it.

“There’s a calling in the main hall!” the teacher announced, so we all began to run - the best seats gets taking fast. The teacher often punishes who come last. Diamond was in the first row, I sat just behind her. The inside of the giant building is a bit scary. There aren’t any windows, only a door. Everything is lit by candles.

“It’s time for the yearly checkup” the principal announced. Then he walked away again. The lighter checkup. I hate those creatures - they are evil. If they don’t like what they see, they just kill. I guess it’s the only way they know how to solve things…. The message was short and we know what follows it. Two lighters will walk around in every class – even during our fighting class… and check everything is ‘controlled’. If we are arrogant towards them, they’ll kill us. We learned fast what their deal was about. I bit my tongue as Di and I walked back to class. Di can be arrogant sometimes, but she respects the lighters more than anyone in the school. They killed her brother, on his first year.

During human class we all sat staring at the teacher, trying not to move wrong, knowing that we were being observed by the dark creature of death. Lighters… some says they got that name because they make every light disappear. He was tall… his boots big and black, his cape darker than any night I have ever seen, and the knives in the belts… terrifying. Sharp looking and deadly. Even the teacher got nervous a couple of times. People were afraid of marking, and be the unlucky one to be noticed by the lighters. He had a brown moustache, curly and all. If he had been of our kind… he would have been made fun of. He took a walk besides the tables. The teacher had us doing an assignment, so the book got opened and we started writing.

Another one appeared, and they started talking in the back of the room. In a language that I didn’t know. Even though they seemed to be distracted by each other, I could still feel deaths cold breath in the back of my neck. One wrong movement, one wrong word and you can be dead. Then I heard it. The sound of a drop hitting the floor. I bit my lip and turned around after the sound. A red little pool had formed on the floor, under the just arrived dark lighters knife. I instantly looked down in my papers again. Who was it?


Di and I walked home not long after. I followed her home, even though my house was a long way before hers. She didn’t feel safe, and I’m sure her family doesn’t either. As I walked back I looked down in the ground, and smiled for myself. Sometimes I’m sure everything would be easier without the lighters.

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