If you want me to write you an imagine. Tell me your name, which boy, if you have a specific plot tell me and maybe some personal things about you


3. Tessieboo

It was yours and Liam's 1 year anniversary and you were waiting for him to get back from the studio. It was now 7 and you were starting to get worried. Finally at 1 he came falling through the door. You stood up and walked to him, he smelled like beer. "Where were you?? I've been waiting for hours Liam!" "Out" he shrugged and walked to the fridge to get beer. You walked to him and slammed it out of his hands. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING BITCH?" You walked backwards and ran upstairs, packing your clothes while tears ran down your cheeks. You heard Liam coming up the stairs but you ignored it. He was standing in the doorway. You turned around and looked at him. "W-what's that? On your neck" you whispered while pointing at the hickey on his neck. He smirked "I made out with a girl at the club" your eyes widened and you ran past him, down the stairs, ran outside "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" you shouted, closed the door and got in your car. You started driving towards your best friend's place. When you got there you knocked on the door and seconds later Niall was standing there. "Tess what's wrong??" You ran into Niall's arms "L-liam cheated on m-me" he helped you inside and pulled you on his lap on the couch. You cried into his shoulder "hey" he whispered. You looked at him and he smiled softly "don't cry, he's not worth it" you nodded and hugged him. "C-can I stay here for the night?" He nodded and walked upstairs with you. "Can I sleep with you?" "Sure love" you crawled in bed next to him. *next day* Niall wasn't there next to you when you woke up. You walked down the stairs but stopped when you saw Liam standing there. He ran to you and grabbed your wrist. "Tess I'm so sorry please come back" he whispered but you shook your head "y-you cheated on me Liam" "I can't put it in words how sorry I am but please babe let me make it up to you. I love you and only you" you thought about it and nodded. He hugged you tightly. You thanked Niall and Liam drove you home, he parked the car and you went inside. When he shut the door he slammed you against it and kissed you passionately and carried you upstairs...


Hope you like it! :) x 

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