If you want me to write you an imagine. Tell me your name, which boy, if you have a specific plot tell me and maybe some personal things about you


4. Sameerah_Styles

You are standing in front of the door. The door where your whole future is behind and the man of your dreams. Harry Edward Styles. You hear the music start to play and the doors open. Your arm is linked with your dad's as you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams. He walks to his seat and mouths "I love you" to you. You hold Harry's hands tightly while looking into his eyes. 

*after the wedding* 

You were making out on the bed in the hotelroom. After awhile you were both naked and he was making passionate love to you. 

*3 weeks later* 

You're feeling sick lately and you are worried. You got 3 pregnancy tests and you only had 2 minutes left till the truth. After two minutes your hands were practically shaking. You looked at the tests: positive-positive-negative. Tears started forming in your eyes. You were happy but afraid that Harry was gonna leave you. You hear the front door open and you sigh before walking downstairs. Harry looks at you worried and pulls you into a hug. "what's wrong love?" "H-harry..I'm pregnant" you whisper. He looks at you and he smiles big, you just stared at him. "You're not mad at me?" You whisper smiling. "Why would I be mad at you love? This is a dream come true, we'll have our own family. Our own lovely family" he whispers the last part with a big grin on his face, you hugged him tightly and he kissed you on the forehead.


Hope you like it love! :) xx

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