Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


1. Prologue

I sat there, crying into his shirt while he rocked me back and forth telling me everything was going to be okay.

Hi.  My name is Sarah.  I am currently 18 and I have two younger sisters.  One is named Autumn and she turned 6 last week.  The other is Lilliana and she turns 2 tomorrow.  I only have one friend, my best friend actually, and her name is Lexi.  Him?  Oh, you'll figure out who he is soon enough.  The events that lead me to where I am today will unfold slowly, then all at once.

All you need to know right now is that my mom died right after giving birth to my littlest sister Lilliana.  My dad then went into a state of depression that started off with occasional smoking and drinking alcohol, but now he treats alcohol like it's water and takes drugs like they're tic-tacs.  I am raising my sisters with the help of Lexi.  No one knows but my father started abusing me a year and a half ago, just at the 6 month mark of when my mom died.  I won't tell the police though, because he threatened to hurt Lilliana and Autumn if I did.

That's all you'll need to know for now; but I promise you will find out more soon.

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