Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


23. Meeting Louis' Family

As soon as his family noticed us, they started walking over to us.  I felt Louis squeeze my hand and looked up to him.  He mouthed ‘it’s going to be okay’ and smiled down at me.  I nodded, smiling back at him.  “LOUIS!”  I turned back to see his two youngest sisters run up to him and grab his legs.

He chuckled in response.  “Hey Daisy, hi Phoebe!” he responded, putting Autumn down so he could hug them.  Autumn ran over to me and hid behind my leg.  “Hey Fizzy!  Lottie!  How are you girls?” he asked his other two sisters.  Luckily, Louis would talk about his sisters a lot, and when we found out I was going to live with them, he would show me all the pictures he had, so I knew who they all were.

“Good, thanks.  When are you going to introduce us to your family?” Lottie asked.

“After I see mum, that’s when,” he said kissing the top of her head and picking Autumn back up who had abandoned my leg and gone to his.

“Louis!” Johanna said walking closer to us, wrapping Autumn and Louis into a hug.  “This must be Autumn,” she said pulling out of the hug.

“Yes it is!” he said bouncing her on his hip.  Autumn just cuddled close to him, hiding herself from the others.  Louis whispered something in her ear and her head popped up, followed by a quiet “hi.”

His mum and sisters all ‘awwed’ her before turning to me.  “And this is Sarah and the littlest of the three, Lilliana,” he continued.  He then turned around and tipped the guy who was pushing our bags for us.

While he was doing that, I decided to talk to the people I would be living with.  “Hello, I’m Sarah.  I’ve heard a lot about all of you,” I said timidly.

“And us about you!” Fizzy said.  “Louis has been texting us all about you.  We’re really excited to have a big sister around for a while.”

“I am excited about having four more younger sisters!”  I leaned over to Lottie and Fizzy before saying, “especially ones that I can talk to about things other than Sponge Bob and Elmo.”  The giggled at my statement and I realized we were going to get along great.  “Thanks again for having me,” I said turning to Johanna. 

Johanna replied with a quick, “of course love!  Don’t even think about it.”

“Can we hold Lilliana?” Lottie asked me shyly.

“Of course love!” I said as I handed my littlest sister over to her.  She and Fizzy started playing around with her and I looked over at Louis who held out his hand for me.  I grabbed it and we started walking out of the airport pick-up area and to the van that was waiting for us.


Louis’ POV:

We had pulled up to my old house and brought in our bags to my room.  We were all now sitting in the living room catching up.  Autumn had eventually warmed up to everyone and was playing with Phoebe and Daisy in the corner while my mum, two other sisters, Sarah, and I were talking.  Lilliana was in Sarah’s arms sleeping considering she had missed her nap and I had my arm draped around Sarah’s shoulder loosely but protectively.  I could see that Sarah was getting along great with all of my sisters, especially Lottie and Fizzy.  I smiled at the thought before I heard Sarah calling my name.  “Louis.  Louis.  Louis William Tomlinson snap out of it!”

I smiled down at her before saying, “sorry, I must’ve zoned out.”

“Yeah, you must’ve,” she retorted, her voice filled with sarcasm.  My sisters and mum laughed at me before my mum repeated the question.

“When are you going to show the girls their rooms?”

“Now I guess.  Afterwards we can go out to eat maybe?” I suggested, getting head nods from my family and Sarah in response.

“Oh yes!  Okay Autumn, Phoebe, and Daisy come on!  Time to show Autumn her new room!”  Autumn giggled following the twins out of the living room and to her room.  We were lucky I had the job I did so that I could get my family a bigger house.  He had three guest rooms and two were going to the girls.  I gave Sarah an option between staying in my room and the third guest room and she decided that she was going to stay in my room to ‘save space’.  I think she just wanted to stay there.

We walked upstairs to shoe them where they were staying.  My mum’s, Lottie’s, Fizzy’s, and my rooms were on one side of the hallway and Phoebe’s, Daisy’s, and the two guest rooms were on the other end, along with their toy room.  The twins shared a bathroom and so would Sarah’s sisters.  My room had its own bathroom like my mum’s.  Lottie and Fizzy had to share, just like the twins.  Autumn immediately ran into the room opposite Phoebe’s and claimed it as hers’.  This room was clearly meant for a girl.  The bedspread was a pink striped one that matched the pink in the lamps and curtains.  Going through the bubble themed bathroom into Lilliana’s room was the toddler bed we had left over from my sisters covered in a purple striped bedspread that also had matching purple curtains and lamps.  Sarah and I put their suitcases in their individual rooms and my family immediately went to help them unpack and put everything in the closets.

Once Autumn and Lilliana were settled in, I walked Sarah down to where my room was.  My room hadn’t changed a bit since I had left last time.  It had a navy blue nautical theme to it with a navy blue bedspread and the same color blue striped curtains.  It had a small bookshelf on either side of the bed which was placed in the middle of the room and it also had a huge dresser.  Next to the walk in closet was the door to my bathroom which had a shower and two sinks.

I showed Sarah around the little room before helping her get unpacked.  Together we put away all of the clothes within an hour.  We were lying down on my bed in comfortable silence before we had to get ready to leave.  Suddenly, Sarah’s quiet voice split through the quiet room.  “Louis, thanks again for taking care of me and for letting us stay here.”

“Where else were you going to stay?” I joked with her.

She slapped me across the chest.  “I’m serious.  I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t met you.”  This statement was immediately followed by tears.  I sat up, pulling her into my lap.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t cry.  What’s wrong?” I asked while wiping away the tears with my thumb and rocking her back and forth gently.

“I just can’t thank you and your family enough for what you’ve done for me and my sisters.  I don’t deserve this,” she said in between shaky breaths.

“You don’t need to love.  You deserve to be taken care of instead of taking care of others for once.  Please don’t worry about it because this isn’t worth your tears.  You are more deserving of this than anyone I know, okay?  Okay.  Be happy for me please and don’t think about it too much.”

She nodded at me before saying another quick thank you; this time followed by a soft peck on my lips.  Before she could say anything else, I leaned forward and attached her lips to mine.  My hands combed out the nonexistent knots in her hair as her hands found their way around my neck, pulling us closer together.  My tongue was pressed up against her lips lightly, demanding entrance which she immediately gave me.  What had started off as an innocent peck on the lips turned into a heated make-out session.

We were interrupted by a knock on the door.  “Louis, Sarah, are you guys done packing?  It’s time to go out for dinner,” my little sister Daisy asked us through the door.  I looked at the clock and the time said 7 o’clock.  I could have sworn it was five last time I checked.

“Don’t think I’m done with you,” I whispered in Sarah’s ear before replying to Daisy with a “yup!” popping the ‘p’ before pulling Sarah up and walking out the door, grabbing our shoes on the way down the stairs where everyone was waiting for us.


We were sitting around the table at a small Italian restaurant talking about the schools the girls would be attending.  “I’m telling you, Hall Cross Academy is great!  I went there when I was younger and you’ll have a perfect last half of the year!”

“I’m just concerned Louis, because I’ll be new.  That’s it,” Sarah play-argued back.  I knew she was lying and that wasn’t why she was concerned, but I decided to wait until later to talk to her about it.

The waitress came over to our table with the food and placed it in front of me, obviously trying to get me to check her out.  I just thanked her and turned back to my family, rejecting her.  My sisters were talking about some shopping trip they were taking Sarah on tomorrow and Sarah found my hand under the table, squeezing it lightly.


It was about 10 o’clock when we finally got home and Daisy, Phoebe, Autumn, and Lilliana were ready for bed.  After tucking them all in, Lottie, Fizzy, my mum, Sarah, and I all decided to watch a movie.  My mum was on one of the chairs and Lottie and Fizzy had claimed the couch, leaving me and Sarah to occupy the love seat.  It was the end of November and so freaking cold outside it wasn’t even funny.  However, this gave me the perfect reason to cuddle with a certain someone.  I pulled an extra duvet over the two of us and put one arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me.  I used my other hand to hold hers under the massive blanket and she leaned her head on my shoulder.  “Aw, look Fizz!  Isn’t that just plain adorable?”

“So adorable it makes me want to throw up Lot.”  Both girls giggled from their places on the couch before my mum scolded them.  They looked back over to us and I threw them a smug grin their way.  They just shrugged it off and pressed play.  When I realized my sisters had put in Mean Girls I groaned and rolled my eyes.  “Ugh no I liked this movie the first time we watched it but now it’s the two hundred and eighty seventh time and I am not interested.”

“But Louis, it’s one of my favorites,” Sarah pouted at me, sticking out her bottom lip.

“How could I say no to that?” I asked her, kissing her bottom lip which was sticking out.

She smiled up at me before responding with, “You can’t.”  I just laughed in return.  She cuddled in closer to me if that was even possible and the movie started.


Sarah’s POV:

Well, Louis fell asleep.  I guess that’s what we get for making him watch something he wasn’t interested in.  Not that I felt bad or anything.  He looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to wake him up.  His sisters and mum had already made their way upstairs, and I was going to just let him sleep down here, but I knew that couches give you horrible neck kinks so I gently shook Louis awake.  “Louis, it’s time to go upstairs.”  His eyes fluttered open and I grabbed ahold of his hand.  We walked upstairs and changed into our pajamas before both falling asleep instantly on his warm, comfortable bed in each other’s arms.

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