Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


35. Hunches and The Hangover

Louis' POV:

I had woken up to throw up a couple of times again last night, the whole time Sarah had been there, making sure I was okay before I went to sleep again.  I had woken up a while ago but was still tired and felt that if I moved I'd throw up again, so I just stayed there with my head in Sarah's lap.  I can't believe she actually came just because I was sick.  I felt really bad but at the same time I didn't care what she missed, as long as she was with me.

It was about two o'clock when I heard Sarah's phone start ringing and she started moving to answer it, trying not to wake me up.  "H-hello?" I heard her whisper.  Just based on the way she said hello, I knew she was nervous to talk to whoever was on the line.

"WHERE DID YOU GO?  WHY DID YOU LEAVE?" I heard someone on the other side of the conversation scream.

"I found someone else to live with!  Someone who actually loves me!" She exclaimed back, a little louder and with a little bit more confidence than before.  I was cheering for her in my head, as I had a pretty good idea of who she was talking to.


"Maybe if you actually talked to me, I would.  But all it is is you yelling at me and hurting me!"  The mystery person mumbled before she stopped him.  "Just get out of my life and don't call me again.  I'm better off without you dad," she told him, confirming my suspicions.  She slammed the phone down on the blanket covered tiles.  Her hand that had been rubbing my stomach left it's place before I heard soft crying.  I don't care how much pain I was in, I wasn't just going to sit here and listen to her cry when I know I can do something.

She stopped to look at me for a second when I sat up.  I immediately pulled her into a hug.  "M-my dad," she started.

"Shhh, I know.  I heard everything.  It's okay.  He can't hurt you, not while I'm here."

She calmed down a little bit before turning to me.  "Thank you Louis.  I love you."

"I love you too baby."

"Now, how do you feel?"

I smiled to myself.  She didn't have to worry about me on top of everything else, but she does.  "Honestly?  Everything hurts, and I'm scared I'm gonna throw up if I move again, but I think I'm getting somewhat better," I told her truthfully.

"Aww babe.  I'm sorry.  What do you want to do?  We can go to the bed or stay here or something else.  I don't really know what you would want," she says trailing off.

"Can we go to the bed?  M'still tired."  I responded.  She nodded and got up, holding her hand out for me to grab.  I stood up and followed her into the bedroom, immediately falling into the comfort of the bed.  She let go of my hand and was about to walk away, but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her on top of me.  "Please don't go.  Cuddle me?"  I asked her, sounding like a small child.

She giggled.  "Okay.  Just go to sleep love."  I didn't hesitate in closing my eyes again, falling into a deep sleep, knowing she was safe in my arms.

Sarah's POV:

After the whole thing with my dad and making sure Louis was okay, I couldn't really sleep again, so I played games on my phone.  It had been roughly an hour when I heard a knock on the door and slowly moved Louis' arms from around me so I could get up to go get it.  When I opened the door, I was immediately engulfed in a massive hug from four boys.  I started laughing.  "What's going on guys?"

"Nothing, we just wanted to see you and say thank you for coming to help Louis.  We all know he appreciates it," Harry told me with a smile.

I smiled back.  "It's no problem, thank you for telling me he was like this.  So what's up?"

"We were wondering if you wanted to watch a movie with us?  Louis can come too if he's feeling better.  We just had the day off today and wanted to spend some time with you.  Plus, you'll get to meet Isabella," Niall said wriggling his eyebrows and looking at Zayn when he mentioned Isabella.

I giggled and nodded my head.  "Can we do it in here though?  Just in case Louis wants to bail?"

The boys all nodded in response.  "Let me just go talk to Louis, hold on," I told them, walking back to the other room.  "Hey Lou," I whispered tapping him lightly.

He shifted so I could see his face and sleepily opened his eyes.  "Ya babe?"

"Do you want to come watch a movie with the boys, girls, and me?"

He thought about it for a second before nodding.  "Ya, I'd like that.  Plus I feel better and don't think I'm going to get sick anymore."

"Okay good, let me just go tell them we're in.  Why don't you go shower?"  Louis nodded and got up to go to the bathroom as I walked into the main room where the boys were still waiting.  "He's good so we'll be there," I told them trailing off waiting for someone to tell me what time.

"5 o'clock," Liam finished.  "Zaynie here has to go get his girlfriend from the airport first."  Zayn groaned and I laughed.

"Okay boys see you soon!" I exclaimed pushing them out the door.  After they were out, I went back to the bedroom to grab some new clothes since I was still wearing Louis'.  I grabbed my jeans and tank top and changed before putting on some socks and snatching Louis' hoody from the end of the bed.  I pulled it over my head and laid down on the bed again, taking my phone off the charger.  I tapped the blue icon with the white twitter symbol on it and began scrolling down my feed.


Louis came out about 20 minutes later and looked a lot better than when I got here.  "You look a lot better babe," I told him.

He smiled.  "I feel a lot better too."  I smiled and ran my hands through his hair.  "Thank you for coming and taking care of me."

"It's no problem Lou.  I'll always be here for you."  He smiled and took my hand before dragging me into the living room where we were going to be watching the movie tonight.

"So how has school been since I've been gone?  What about my girls?" he asked me as we sat on the couch and got comfortable.

"School's boring.  Autumn and Lilliana are perfect and have been asking about you and where you are," I told him.

"They have?"  I swear his mood was ten times happier hearing this about them.

"Of course they have!  Remember when Lilli and I were FaceTiming you?  She asked where you went right after.  And Autumn asks when you get back every night before bed.  I swear they love you more than me!"

He laughed in response.  "Ya, I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure you're their favorite."

We spent the next little bit talking and messing around until 5 came and the boys and their girlfriends were going to be here and ready for movie night.  I go up to get the door, stopping in my tracks when I see Zayn making out with some girl.  She was average height and had long, black, curled hair.  You could just see the top of a tattoo from underneath her shirt when her hair moved, and it looked like she had one on her finger too, but I couldn't tell.  "What the heck Zayn?" I almost scream, getting their attention.

"Oh sorry Sarah," he replies, not sounding sorry at all.  He turns to whom I assume is Isabel and says, "Is, this is Sarah.  Sarah, Isabel."  I give a slight nod before stepping to the side to let them in.  Right as I am about to close the door, I hear Lexi shout to keep it open.  She and Niall come running up with Liam and Liz and Harry and Katie trailing closely behind them.  I give all the guys hugs and then do the same for the girls.

I pull Lexi to the back of the group as we're walking and whisper, "I don't know if I really like Isabel.  She just doesn't seem like a good person."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, let's just say that they must have not meant to knock on the door yet because they were sucking face."

"What?  Zayn wouldn't do that."

"That's what I'm saying."

"Well, maybe we are wrong.  I guess tonight's our night to find out."  I nod.  I guess so.

Once we walked into the room, I saw that a movie was already in the DVD player, so I quickly found my spot next to him on the oversized chair that was more like a love seat.  "What're we watching?" I mumble as I cuddle into my feverish boyfriend.

"The Hangover, and before you ask, I'm fine.  I took those pills you set out and I think I should be okay.  It's not severe or anything, because I'm not sweating or hallucinating," he says smirking at me.  I smile back at him and cover us in a blanket, turning my attention to the movie.

(A/N: I know that this chapter is awful and I'm really sorry.  I hate doing filler chapters ew no gross.  Let me know what you think is going to happen to Louis and Sarah in the upcoming chapters!  I love you all! xx)

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