Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


2. Friday, Finally

Sarah’s POV:

I climbed onto the bus and got in the back seat with Lexi.  Tomorrow was Lilliana's 2nd birthday and all three of us were staying at Lexi's for the weekend.  She got off at the first stop and agreed to go pick them up from daycare seeing as I had to go pack what little things we had for the weekend and then get to work.  I would walk to her house afterwards and we would spend the weekend celebrating Lilliana.  My stop wasn't for another half and hour though so I had time to kill.  I put in my headphones and turned on my favorite band, One Direction.

If only they realized that they are the ones that stopped me from doing anything drastic when my father started abusing me.  I blinked back tears as I listened to the words.

"I won't let these little things come out, of my mouth.
But if I do, it's you, oh it's you they add up to.
And I'm in love with you, and all your little things."

If only I could hear someone say that in person.  Oh great here's my stop.

I got off and started walking home.  Hopefully my dad was still hungover from his night last night. I unlocked the door and creaked it open as quietly as I could.

Phew, he's asleep on the couch.  I went upstairs and put my sisters' and I's clothes in a bag along with my cell charger and our toothbrushes and toothpastes.  I grabbed Lilliana's dipper bag and Autumn's teddy bear that mom gave her and quietly, but quickly ran down stairs.  As I was opening the door I heard someone moving. Great.

"Where do you think you're going?" I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Work," I mumbled.

"DON'T MUMBLE!" He exclaimed while slapping my face.  I could feel the stinging sensation as I grabbed my keys and attempted to run out the door.  Much to my dismay I felt a hand yank me by my arm back into the house.

"P-p-please," I stuttered, tears falling freely down my face.

"FINE! GO! I DON'T WANT YOU HERE ANYWAY!" He yelled as I slipped out the door.  I caught the next bus and quietly made my way on board.

When I got to work I texted Lexi letting her know I would be home in three hours.  Then I went into the bathroom and hid the bruise forming on my right cheek.  I had gotten pretty good at it now.  I walked out and put on a fake smile.  "Hi, how may I help you?" I asked the person at the McDonalds drive through window.

I absent mindlessly took orders and wrote them down, giving them to the person when they got to my window.  I did this for three hours and then clocked out.

Finally, after a full day I got to see my best friend and two little sisters.  I just hope life gets better.

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