Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


10. Dinner With the Boys

Sarah's POV:
I looked down to see that Louis was still asleep.  I felt so bad, waking him up the other night, even though he said it wasn't my fault.

I had to get the girls to school and then I had to go to school myself.  I didn't want to wake him up though.  I decided to let him sleep and jut send him a text explaining where we were.

Louis' POV:
I woke up on Lexi's couch but Sarah wasn't there anymore.  It seemed like no one was there.

I got up and checked my phone.  There were two texts.  One from Liam and one from Sarah.  I decided to check Sarah's first.

"From Sarah <3: Good morning Louis.  I had to go to school today but I didn't want to wake you up.  I'll talk to you later.  Have a good day love."

I sent one quickly in response. "To Sarah <3: Good morning to you too love.  I'm sorry I fell asleep on you... I was wondering if you and the girls and Lexi could come over to meet the boys tonight?"

After I sent it I check to see what Liam said.
"From Liam: I'm assuming you are at Sarah's and are going to stay considering it's 1 in the morning.  Let us know what's going on."

"To Liam: You're correct.  I fell asleep on her couch but they all went to school so I will come back now.  See ya soon."

Just as I pressed send I got another text from Sarah.

"From Sarah <3: Sure!  We'd love that.  I have to go by my house first and then I'll bring them over.  Text me your address?"

I sent the address to her and went out to my car.  Wait a second, she just said she was going by her house.  What if her dad is there?  She can't go alone.

"To Sarah <3: You can't go to your house!  What if he does something to you?  At least let me come too."

"From Sarah <3: No Louis.  I'll be okay.  I promise."

I still didn't want her to go but I guess I have to.  "To Sarah <3: Fine, but please be safe.  I'll see you around 5?"

"From Sarah <3: Okay.  Bye love.  Have a good day."

Here's hoping she will be okay.

Sarah's POV:
Autumn will be so excited when I pick them up from school and tell them that we are going to see Louis. She really does like him.  And boy am I glad.  First I just need to stop by my house to get some clean clothes for all of us.

I walked in and saw that it was dark in the living room.  I assumed my dad had either left or was in his room sleeping.  As I crept up the stairs and past his door, it became clear that he had left.  I only had a little but of time to do this before he came back.

I grabbed everything that my sisters and I would need and was about to leave when I heard a noise.  It was the front door opening and closing.  It was followed by some loud crashes and someone’s feet dragging against the floor.  So he was drunk?  Great.  I slipped out the door to my bedroom and tried to make it without him seeing me.

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?” he screamed at me.  So much for not being seen.  I stayed silent and kept moving to the door.  I was hoping that maybe if I kept moving, I could make it out before he got the chance to do anything.

Suddenly I felt a hand grab my arm and yank me back, making me drop my bag by the door.  I knew I wouldn’t have such luck.  “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION AND WHEN I ASK YOU A QUESTION, YOU ANSWER!”  He was mad.  I could tell.  I slowly turned to face him.  His grip on my arm just kept tightening, and I could tell he was going to leave a bruise behind.  “ANSWER ME!”

“I was going to get Autumn and Lilliana and then I was going to see Lexi.”  I decided it probably wasn’t the best idea to mention I had a boyfriend.  I felt his hand make a hard impact with my check and then his fist was in my stomach, knocking me to the floor.  No.  Not again.  He kicked me repeatedly in the sides and stomach and then hit me across the face, right in the same place.

I was close to blacking out when he finally screamed, “GO AWAY!  I DON’T WANT YOU!  NO ONE WANTS YOU!  YOU ARE WORTHLESS!”

I stumbled to get the bag and to the bus stop where I stopped for a while to catch my breath.  I checked my phone.  Lexi had agreed to pick me up at her house in about an hour.  I had just enough time to get there and cover up my bruising face and arm before going over to Louis’.


Lexi pulled into the driveway right when I expected her to.  I locked the door behind me before running to Lexi’s car and hopping in.  She and I drove the five minute drive to get Autumn and Lilliana and I went to go sign them out.

As soon as we turned out of the parking lot, I turned around and told Autumn we were going to Louis’ house.  She was jumping up and down in her seat with excitement.  I told her that his friends that he lived with were going to be there too, and that they were all excited to meet her.  The smile on her face was priceless.  I quickly snapped a picture and sent it to Louis saying:

“To Louis <3:  Someone is excited to see you again and to make some new friends too.”

We were about 10 minutes away when he responded.

“From Louis <3:  I bet I’m more excited to see her.  And Lilliana and Lexi.  And you of course. <3”  I smiled at this last part.  I was excited to see him too.

“To Louis <3:  I don’t know.  She is pretty excited to meet the boys.  I am too.  We’ll be there in 10 minutes.”  It didn’t take long for him to answer at all.

“From Louis <3:  See you all then!  Can’t wait to see you again.”

I smiled as I locked my phone.


Louis opened the door as we were walking up the steps.  I smiled at him and he smiled back.  He grabbed Autumn up into a hug before tickling Lilliana.  He grabbed my hand and was still holding Autumn as we followed him into the living room.

“Boys, there are some people I want you to meet,” he said.  “This is Lexi,” he said as he nodded towards Lexi who was holding Lilliana, “and that is little Lilliana, Sarah’s littlest sister.”  Autumn hid her head in his shoulder as he introduced her.  “This is my best friend Autumn, Sarah’s other sister, and this,” he said looking at me and giving my hand a squeeze, “is Sarah.”

I looked at the boys as they all stood up to come meet us.  I already knew who they all were, but Louis introduced them all anyway.  “Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall.”  They were all as beautiful in real life as they were in the pictures I had seen.

Harry came up to us first and went straight to Autumn, who still had her head in Louis’ shoulder.  “Don’t worry love, we won’t hurt you.”  She looked at Louis and he nodded, putting her down.  She ran up to Harry and Liam who sat down criss-crossed in front of her and started talking to her, asking her questions like, “How old are you?” and “What is your favorite movie?”  She gladly answered all their questions.

I looked over at Zayn who had taken Lilliana from Lexi and was bouncing her up and down on his knee.  Niall and Lexi had moved to the couch and were talking to each other.  Oh boy.  Niall and Lexi.

I was still holding Louis’ hand and looked up at him, only to see he was looking at me.  I squeezed his hand and pulled him over to Zayn and Lilliana.  Louis sat down and pulled me down next to him as he put an arm lazily around my shoulder.  Zayn asked me questions about where I went to school and what my favorite past time was and I answered as honestly as I could.  Louis and Zayn started playing with Lilliana together, so I decided to follow Liam into the kitchen to see if I could help him with anything.

“Hi Liam.  Can I help?”

“Hi Sarah.  Sure!  Can you put these plates down?”

I nodded in response.  “So Sarah, tell me a little about you,” he said as he handed me a stack of plates and led me into the dining room.

“Well, I go to school during the day and work at McDonald’s at night.  I listen to music whenever I can and I would be no where without my best friend, Lexi.  I have been helping to raise my sisters ever since my mom died two years ago.  I don’t really do anything else.  Let’s see, I love the color purple and chocolate.  And that pretty much sums me up.”

He looked at me and just smiled.  “Louis has told us a lot about you.  He goes on for hours on your perfect hair and the way you look down at your feet when you’re embarrassed.  He really does love you, and now I can see why.”

I blushed and looked down at the ground and my feet.  I had finished putting down the plates by now and Liam had finished putting down the rest of the utensils, so we called everyone else in.  Lexi and I sat down on either side of Autumn and Lilliana, with Louis on the end next to me and Niall opposite him.  Harry, Zayn, and Liam sat on the other side opposite me and the girls.  We talked about everything and anything as we ate our pizza.  I slowly warmed up to them, as did Lexi.  Autumn started off quiet, but got progressively louder once Louis and Harry started talking to her.

When we were done, Lexi and I offered to do the dishes, so the boys went in the other room with my sisters to play.

“We are so lucky.  I mean, dinner at your boyfriend’s house who just happens to be one fifth of One Direction?  Who else can say that?”  She said as she dried off the plates I was handing her.

“Not many people; that’s for sure.” I responded.

“Definitely not.  This is so cool.  They really are as nice as I thought they would be.  Especially Niall,” she said looking off into the distance.  I knew that look.  That was her ‘I like a boy’ look.  It was extremely close to Niall’s ‘I like a girl’ look he has had since he laid eyes on her.

“I saw the way he was looking at you.  Maybe he likes you too.”  I told her as we walked into the room where everyone else was.

“I hope so,” she said, love written all over her face.

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