Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


7. Dinner and a Movie

Sarah’s POV:

As soon as I hung up with Louis and sent him my address I went to get Lexi and my sisters; I wanted all of them to help me get ready.

“LEXI!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.  “I NEED YOU!”

She ran up the stairs with Lilliana in her arms and Autumn trailing closely behind.  “WHAT?  WHAT IS IT?” she yelled in response.

“LOUIS TOMLINSON JUST ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE!  THAT’S WHAT IT IS!” I responded, just as loud as Lexi.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOSH HE DID NOT?!?!” she screamed, louder than ever before.

I noticed Lilliana and Autumn holding their ears and said in a calmer voice, “I can’t believe it either but we need to stop screaming for the girls’ sake.”

“Deal, how can we help?” she asked.  I knew I could always count on her in times like these.

“Well I don’t have anything to wear besides my usual jeans and t-shirt and I was hoping you guys could do my hair and make-up?  Nothing too fancy he said.  Just dinner and a movie.  But I was hoping I could do better than jeans and a t-shirt.”

“Well darling, we wear the same size so no problem there!  And of course we would love to help, wouldn’t we girls?” she asked my sisters.

“Oh yes please,” Autumn said.

“Then that settles it.  Go take a shower and we will put an outfit ready for you to wear on your bed.  Then come to my room and we will do your hair and make-up.  How’s that sound Autumn?”

“Great!” Autumn smiled at Lexi and grabbed her free hand as the went to Lexi’s room to pick my outfit.  I smiled as I watched them go down the hallway.  I love all three of them so much.

I went into my room’s attached bathroom and tossed my dirty clothes in the laundry as I waited for the shower to heat up.  Once I deemed it hot enough, I stepped in letting the water flow over me for a solid five minutes.  It had finally sunk in that I was going on a date with Louis Tomlinson.  The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.  I was the happiest I could ever be.

Lexi’s POV:

Wow.  My best friend, the one who has been through so much was finally going on a date.  I was so happy for her.  She deserved to be happy for once.

“Lexi, is Sarah going to get married?” Autumn asked me.

“Not yet, but eventually yes,” I responded with a smile on my face.

“Good.  I don’t want to lose her,” she told me, looking deep in thought.

“Aw Autumn you will never lose her.  And I’m sure that Louis, the boy she is going on a date with tonight, will love you and Lilliana just as much as Sarah and I do.  Don’t worry,” I said scooping her up and tickling her stomach.

“Yay! I want to meet him,” she told me with the biggest smile on her face.

“You will if she has a good time tonight.  Do you want to help her?” I asked to which she nodded her head vigorously.  “Okay then, we need to pick out the perfect outfit then."

"SOMETHING PINK!" She shouted.  I laughed back.

"Okay, pink it is," I responded with a shake of my head.  She ended up picking a pink light sweatshirt with a white tank underneath and some jeans that were washed out at the knees and pockets.  I paired it with a pink, white, and navy blue striped bag, a pair of tan ray bans, and some silver hoop earrings.  Then Autumn decided on some white Adidas with pink highlights.

I got out all my make up, and the curling iron.  Just then Sarah walked in.

Sarah's POV:
I walked into Lexi's room to see an array of make-up items spread across her dresser top.  There was a really cute and comfortable-looking outfit laid out on the bed for me to put on.  "Go, put it on," Lexi said as I laughed and took the outfit to the bathroom.  "Autumn, you picked a really cute outfit!" I expressed to her after I had put it on, glancing over at Lexi, knowing that she did most of it.  As I pulled Autumn into a hug, I mouthed "thank you" to her and she smiled and nodded.

"Now come on!  We don't have much time!"  I looked over at the clock on her bedside table, and sure enough, I had roughly an hour.  I sat down and Lexi worked her magic on me.  She put on some light pink eye shadow and lip gloss, followed by a quick sweep of mascara.

When she was done with my make-up and was waiting for the curling iron to heat up I went to put Autumn to bed.  After I tucked her in and was about to walk out I heard her small voice say, "have fun."  This touched my heart, just the thought that she wants me to be happy.  I went back over to her and gave her another kiss on the forehead before leaving.

When I got back to Lexi's room the curling iron was read to go; and good thing too because I only had 30 minutes left.  She curled my hair and put in a pink hairband with a silver bow on it.  I put in the earrings and packed my phone, sunglasses, and wallet with what little money I had in the bag they had picked out for me and slipped on the shoes.  I looked in the mirror and decided I looked better than I have in a while.  Right then I got a text telling me he would be here in five minutes.  I pulled Lexi into the front room to wait.

I was nervous but I wasn't about to let being nervous get in the way of the perfect night.

Louis POV:
"Hey Zayn, should I go with my striped shirt or my solid white one?" I asked the one boy who would know best.

"That depends.  Are you trying to impress someone, or just be yourself?" He answered my question with another question.  By now the boys have probably figured out that I'm going on a date considering I have been a nervous wreck for the past 3 hours.

"Both?" I responded with a hesitant tone apparent in my voice.  "I'm trying to impress her by being myself."

"Then I would go with the striped shirt Lou," he said winking at me as he left the room so I could shower and change.

The whole time I was in the shower I was thinking about her.  Sarah was just so beautiful, and she had been through so much.  I want to know everything about her.  I want to buy her sisters presents all the time; I want to meet Lexi and ask how she met Sarah; I want to watch movies with her by my side in the early hours in the morning.  I want to hold her close to me and tell her that everything was going to be okay.  That I was going to save her.

I continued to daydream about Sarah and I’s possible future together while getting out of the shower.  I pulled the shirt over my head and threw some jeans on.  I slipped on my toms and grabbed my phone and wallet.  As I was reaching towards the front door’s handle, I heard all the boys yell, “Good luck!” to me; and I didn’t even have to turn around to see the smirk that was clearly plastered on all of their faces.


I knocked on her door and stood there waiting patiently.  It didn’t take long for her to open the door, and when she did, I was awestruck.  She was beautiful.  I couldn’t help but stare at her for a couple of seconds before asking, “You ready to go?”  She answered with a small nod of her head and then looking down at her feet.  I put my fingers under her chin so that she had to look in my eyes.  “You look really pretty tonight,” I told her before grabbing her small hand in my large one and taking her to my car.

When we got in the car she asked me what movie we were going to go see.  “Well, there is this special tonight where they are showing Mama and I was thinking maybe we could go see it,” I paused what I was saying when I noticed that she got tense.  “But we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I rushed.

“No, it’s okay as long as I have you to protect me.  What about for dinner?” she questioned.

“Now for that I was thinking Nando’s?  How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good.  I’m starving,” she stated making my smile.

“Well then let’s go get some food in that tummy,” I said poking her stomach.  She just giggled in response and turned on the radio.  She fiddled with the buttons before settling on a station.  I knew the song immediately and apparently so did she as she started to hum to it.  I sang the chorus out to her, meaning every word I said.

Oh, oh, oh, Be my baby, I’ll look after you, And I’ll look after you.

She blushed as I looked over at her when I finished the last part.

“I promise Sarah.  I will look after you; you and your sisters.  I will protect you.”

She nodded and smiled as she turned her attention to the next song on the radio.  Gosh, she will never know how much I wanted to help her.


We sat down at our table and ordered.  As we ate I asked lots of questions and found out more about her.  I learned that her favorite animal was an elephant, she wanted two daughters named Ariel and Belle because those were her favorite Disney princesses, and that when she was little she wanted to be a teacher among other little details.

“Tell me more about your sisters.”

“Well Lilliana’s nickname is Lilli and I swear she started her terrible two’s at one and a half.  She is into anything and everything.  Autumn is a very quiet and reserved person but has her moments where she will go all drama queen on you.  I can’t wait for her teenage years.  Just kidding.  She and I have one of the best relationships ever, and I will never lose that.  I’m extremely overprotective of them both and if anyone laid a finger on them, let’s just say that person wouldn’t live to see another sunrise.”

I watched her as she went on about her sisters.  When she talked about them there was a light in her eye; there was obviously a big place in her heart for her sisters.  “I would love to meet them,” I told her truthfully.

“You can come over tomorrow?  Meet Lexi and the girls?  Please?”

Well how could I say no to her?  “I would love that.”

For the remainder of dinner she told me about adventures they have been on together and I told her stories about my sisters.

After dinner we got back in my car and drove the short distance to the movie theater.


Sarah’s POV:

Tonight has been amazing so far.  From dinner and learning little things about him and him telling me in the car that he will protect me and my sisters; I just couldn’t ask for a better night.

We pulled into the movie theater parking lot and Louis quickly came to open my door for me.  He grabbed my hand and we walked in.  He bought us our tickets and we walked over to the theater it was showing in.  We quickly found our seats, seeing as the movie was starting.  I leaned into Louis and he put his arm around me as I put my head on his shoulder.  I will admit I was scared.  But it would be okay because I had Louis with me, right?

Just as I was thinking this, Louis leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “If you get scared just squeeze my hand.”  I squeezed his hand within 5 minutes of the start of the movie.

About halfway through Louis whispers in my ear, “I don’t think you could bury your face in my shirt any further.”  Boy did I prove him wrong.


“I had a lot of fun with you tonight Louis,” I told him.  Over the course of the night I opened up to him and became less shy around him.

“I had the best night of my life.  I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  If you get scared tonight about the movie or just anything, let me know.  I can be here in 10 minutes.”

It made me love him even more, the fact that he worried about me.  “Okay.  Keep your phone close because I may take you up on that offer,” I giggled but was serious.

“Okay, it will be right next to me the whole night,” he smiled down at me before wrapping me up in a bear hug.

“Goodnight Sarah, call me tomorrow when you wake up, okay?”

“Okay.  Goodnight Louis.”

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