Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


33. Crash and Burn

Louis' POV:
The boys and I were at the Staples Center, ready to go onstage in about 10 minutes.  I was absolutely buzzing.  I couldn't sit still.  I talked to Sarah this morning and she seemed good.  I texted her at lunch and she said she was putting her sisters to sleep.  We texted all day, until she finally decided to go to sleep.  So now, I had no one to keep me company.

"Boys, let's go," Paul said, motioning us to the door.  We all followed and walked under the stage to the platforms that would lift us up.  "Okay, you have three minutes to get ready for the show.  Warm-up or do whatever it is you do.  Break a leg."  We nodded and he left.

"Okay, it's gonna be a good show.  Focus, we got this.  Put your hands in."  We all did as Liam told us.  We finished our chant and walked to our separate places.

I could hear the crowd screaming our names, the countdown descending.  "3, 2, 1" And with that we were up and walking towards the front of the stage.  I smiled and looked at the other boys who were also smiling.  Ya, it was going to be a good show.


I was at the hotel after the party last night.  Niall had challenged me and our drummer, Josh, to some drinking competition, so I got slightly drunk but not enough for a hangover.  Which now means I'm laying here in my bed, unable to fall asleep.  I would call Sarah, but she's in school.  I had to get up to do some morning show here in LA in an hour, considering it was 4 in the morning, so there was no point in trying to go to sleep.  I decided on scrolling through my camera roll.  I had a ton of pictures on my phone.  Some of them were of my sisters and mum.  Some were of the boys and other people we have met along the way.  But the most recent were of Sarah, Lilliana, and Autumn.

The first one I pulled up, I realized I had never seen before.  It was of me and Autumn playing football the first time I met her.  I smiled at the memory and kept going.  There were a couple of pictures of the girls, including the one I recognized immediately as my home screen.  I had taken it of them in their cute matching dresses they wore to the court date; holding hands as the walked down the pathway.  The rest were pictures of Sarah either alone, with Autumn or Lilliana, or with me.  I finally made it through to the pictures that Sarah and I took at the airport.  We were pulling funny faces in all but one of them.  The one oddball was where I had taken Sarah by surprise and kissed her, snapping the picture at the perfect time.  I saved the picture as my lock screen, and then turned off my phone.  I closed my eyes and was able to drift off to sleep with the pleasant memories in my head.


I woke up to someone shaking me and checked what time it was on my phone.  I had been asleep for ten minutes.  "Harry, no!"  I exclaimed putting a pillow over my head.

"I'm sorry Louis, you have to wake up.  We have that talk show in a couple hours, so we need to get there in 45 minutes to start soundcheck."

I groaned and rolled out of the bed.  "Fine I'm up!" I told him my eyes still half closed.  I think 7 am talk shows are absolutely stupid.  Especially since I had to get there two hours before.

"Okay good.  Just brush your teeth, and you can throw on some sweats, because Paul said the stylists are getting our things ready there."  I nodded and walked into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom.  I splashed some cold water on my face in an attempt to wake myself up.  Then I brushed my teeth and threw on my navy sweatpants and hoodie.  I slipped on my toms and walked out into the hallway yawning.

The other boys were in a circle talking.  I walked over to join them.  "Hey Louis, how'd you sleep?"  Liam asked, way to happy for this early in the morning.

"Just fantastic LiLi."

"Wow okay no need to get sassy."

I ignored his comment.  "Where are the girls?"

"Sleeping.  They are going to watch here on TV," Niall told me.

"Okay, sounds good."

Just then Paul came to usher us into the van that would take us to the studio of the dreaded interview.

It was a short ride there, and soon we were all out of the van.  I was forcing my eyes to stay open under my sunglasses, but it was no easy task.  We all walked into the dressing room to see people running around, trying to get everything ready.  Our stylist pointed us in the direction of our clothes and we slowly put them on.  Then we all sat down in different chairs so Lou could do our hair.  I was last so I decided I would have at least 10 minutes to rest.  I was rudely awakened by Lou's fingers pushing my hair up into it's signature quiff.  "You've been quiet this morning Louis.  Everything alright?" she asked me.

"I'm just tired and miss my girls at home."  She nodded an understanding.

"It'll be okay.  Tour will be over soon."

I thanked her for her comfort and she smiled and sent me on my way.  I was standing around with the boys when I got a text message.  "From Girlfriend <3: You're gonna smash it!"  I smiled before turning off my phone.


"Ladies and gentlemen!  Give it up one more time for One Direction!" the interviewer announced as we ran off stage.

"That was a painful interview to sit through.  It was boring," I heard Zayn say.

"No doubt about it.  Those interviewers could at least get some new questions," I told him.
"I think we're due for an interviewer to shake things up a bit," Liam agreed.

"Me too.  But now I'm hungry!  Let's find somewhere to eat," Niall added.  We all decided on the nearest McDonalds and then we would take it back to the hotel and eat it because I was starting to get a headache.

Once we got in the McDonalds and in line, everyone was deciding what they were going to get.  We made our way slowly up the line; me slower than the others because I was half asleep still.  We had made our way to the front of the line when I hear Liam ask me what I want.  "I'm not hungry."  He gave me a look of disbelief but then kept going with the order.  All of a sudden I feel myself being pulled away from the counter.  "What is going on?"

I opened my eyes to see it was just me and Liam.  "I'll tell you what's going on Louis.  You're not eating, you're falling asleep standing up and you complained of your head hurting.  Louis, I promised Sarah I would let her know if something was wrong.  All of the boys and I are worried about you.  What is wrong?"

I sighed.  I guess there's no turning back now.  "I have had 10 minutes of sleep the entire time I've been here.  I guess I'm just jet lagged or something.  Please don't tell Sarah."

He looked reluctant but nodded anyway.  "Okay, but if it gets worse, you have to let her know."

I hugged him.  "Thanks man."

"No problem Louis.  Now come on.  Let's go on back."


Liam's POV:

I texted Sarah telling her Louis and I were going to FaceTime her in about an hour.  After a very quiet lunch where we had to force Louis to eat, she texted me saying she was ready when we were.  "Louis, let's FaceTime Sarah."  I dragged Louis into my room and pulled up my laptop's FaceTime.

"Why are we doing this Liam?" he asked me in between yawns.  I made up a fake reason on the spot.  I wasn't about to tell him that we were FaceTiming her so she would know what was going on so that could maybe talk some sense into him.

"Um, well we are going to talk to her about a surprise we're pulling for Liz."  He didn't seem to notice my hesitation, which was a good thing.  I clicked Sarah's name and it started ringing.

"Hey boys!"

"Hey love!" Louis told her between yawns.

"How was the interview?" she asked us.  Now was my chance.  I knew that if I talked long enough, Louis would get bored and fall asleep so I could prove how much help he needed.

"It went really well.  The interviewer was really nice.  She asked all these questions about our families and friends back home."  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Louis' head drooping only to see it snap back up again when he realized he was falling asleep.  "Then she asked about our girlfriends and the American part of the tour that we're on right now."  Every time his head dropped, it would stay that way longer and longer.  He was almost asleep.  I didn't miss a beat as I kept going.  "Then we preformed Kiss You and Story of My Life.  The crowd was so great."  I could tell she saw what I was doing by keeping her mouth shut and listening to me but looking at Louis.  "After we sang they even asked for an encore-" I was interrupted.  By snoring.  I looked to my right and saw Louis out for good.  "Wow I thought I'd have to make stuff up, not that he would have noticed."

Sarah laughed.  "So why did you really call me Liam?"

"Because Louis over here refused to let me tell you that he was half dying, so I decided to let him show you."  As soon as the words came out of my mouth, Louis fell onto me.  I decided it was safer to just let him sleep in my lap then to move him, so Sarah and I just continued our conversation.  "He told me he has only gotten ten minutes of sleep since he got here, he refused to eat today, and he complained of a headache which will turn into a migraine.  They always do."

"Wow.  Okay so what should we do?"

"Is there any way you can miss a couple days of school?"  I asked her.

(A/N: I am sooooo sorry I haven't posted!  I know it's been ages.  Please forgive me. :)  I love you all you fantabulous readers! xx)

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