Sarah is 18, but her life is far from any other high school senior's. Her mother died when she was 16; her father became a drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, and Sarah's worst nightmare. Why? Well, he abuses her.

Sarah doesn't tell anyone though, not even her best (and only) friend Lexi because her father told her that he would hurt her little sisters that her mother left her to raise when it became clear her father wouldn't be able to.

Sarah goes to work one day expecting it to be like every other day. Little does she know she is in for one heck of a surprise.


20. Calm Down Liz

At around 9 o’clock we walked out of the bowling alley and back to the cars. “So Zayn, you got yourself a girlfriend?” I asked as I turned around to face him.

He smiled and nodded. “Aww Zaynie that’s so cute!” Louis said in a high-pitched voice as he looked at Zayn through the rearview mirror. Zayn sent Louis daggers back.

“Babe, don’t be mean,” I said as Louis laughed and grabbed my hand.

“I’m not love, I’m just happy for the guy!”

“Sure Louis, sure,” Zayn said rolling his eyes.


We pulled into the driveway to the house and all got out, Louis grabbing a sleeping Lilliana. After Louis and I put Autumn and Lilliana asleep, we all decided to play truth or dare. “Lexi, truth or dare?”

“Um, truth.”

“Aw man you’re boring. Okay well, how many boyfriends have you had before you met Niall?”

“Two,” she said, and I could see her squeeze Niall’s hand in reassurance. “Liz, truth or dare?” she asked.

“Dare,” Liz said confidently.

“Okay, I dare you to go into the kitchen and do the cinnamon challenge,” Lexi smirked evilly. We all followed them into the kitchen where Liz completed her challenge with ease.

“Zayn, truth or dare?” Liz asked after we all sat back down.


“Ugh fine. Okay, if you could kiss anyone in the room who would it be?” Good one Liz.

“Niall by far,” he said without hesitating.

“He’s mine, sorry Zayn,” Lexi said leaning over and pecking Niall on the cheek.

“EW EW EW EW GROSS!” Louis and I both shouted, covering our eyes with our arms. Everyone laughed at us and our crazy actions.

“Oh like you haven’t kissed Sarah before Louis,” Niall said sticking his tongue out at Louis.

“Oh no I have, I just don’t make it gross. See?” He turned, cupped my face, and kissed me on the lips. He pulled away and pecked my nose before wrapping his arm around me and snuggling me deeper into his chest.

“Okay fine Lou, that was pretty adorable,” Niall said throwing his arms up in defeat while dragging out the ‘e’ in fine.

After everyone controlled their laughter we finished the game. The couples retreated to each of the boys’ rooms while Louis and I stayed downstairs. “Are you tired?” he asked me.

“Nope, not at all,” I replied.

“Good, because I would be lonely if you were.”

Louis and I sat on one of the couches as he turned on the TV to one of the movie channels that was playing Pitch Perfect. I snuggled deep into his chest and he put his arm around me lazily but protectively. We were almost done with the movie when we saw someone coming down the stairs. We both sat up and turned to see who it was when Liz stepped out of the shadows, her face stained with tears. “Louis mute it,” I whispered to him. “Liz, what’s wrong? Come here.” As she came over to the couch where I had patted as I was instructing her on where to go, I heard that she had made herself hiccup due to crying. “Louis, can you go get Liz some water please?” I asked him. He nodded before getting up. “So Liz, what happened? You can trust me, I promise.”

“I had a nightmare. You see, when I was younger, my father died in a car crash. I was only five and had to grow up without a father. I had a dream which was basically a flashback of that day,” she said, tears continuously streaming down her face.

“Aw Liz I’m so sorry,” I said taking her into my arms and rubbing her back. By now Louis had returned with the water. I gave it to her to drink. As she was drinking I continued. “My mum died when I was 16, and my father kind of left us after that. I am so sorry. I know what it is like to lose a parent. It hurts. Let it out love, because it will make you feel better.” She cried for a solid 20 minutes before finally calming down. I decided to go ahead and confront her about it. “Liz, why didn’t you wake Liam up?”

“Well, that part is a long story. You see, my mother hasn’t been very supportive of Liam, but yesterday before I left to come here, she told me that my father wouldn’t approve either. And to be honest, I believed her. I don’t know why, but I did. I have been keeping it from Liam because I know he is under a lot of stress and I didn’t want to make it worse.”

“Liz, Liam loves you. I can guarantee it. He would do anything for you. Don’t ever think you’re being a burden to him because I promise you that he would hate himself if he knows you think that way. He would think it is his fault somehow. You and Liam are perfect together, and I know your father would approve,” Louis said, comforting her as best he could.

“I think it would be best if you didn’t wake him up right now though to tell him that. You both need the sleep. Why don’t you stay down here with Louis and I tonight and then you can talk to him tomorrow,” I continued.

She nodded slowly. “So what are we watching?”

“Well up next is Valentine’s Day. How’s that?” Louis asked us both. Liz and I nodded in agreement and he unmuted it. Louis, Liz and I got comfortable under the blankets and started watching. I don’t remember how far we got though because the last thing I remember was my head on Louis’ chest and Liz’s head in my lap.

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