Friends with Dan

Ireland meets her fave YouTuber, Dan. He saved her life and he didnt know it. Through out her life she had been hated. See what happens when she finally meets him.


6. Chapter 6

A/N_ This chapter kinda has ad language so dont say i didnt warn you


*Dans POV*

"Hey Lilly what you doing here?"

"Can i talk to Ireland please?"

I was confused on why she wanted to talk to Ireland.

"Urm yeh sure she is upstairs."

"Thanks. Is it okay if i talk to her by my self?"

I nodded my head and let her. I will just ask her what she wanted when Lilly has gone.



*Lillys POV*


"Hey bitch"

"Urm, hey. What you doing here?"

"Came to teach you a lesson....."

I wanted to to make sure that she wouldnt talk to Dan again so then i could have him all to my self. Am so mean.

"First of you little shit. Stay away from My boyfriend or you will regret it. Second of all. Never and when i say never speak to him again even through twitter! Do you hear me?"

"Ye....Yes.... I'll leave him..... " 


She started to cry nd i took it as a sign to leave. I'll be back over in a few hours to make sure she has left.



*Irelands POV*



Dan....Was cheating on me? We have been dating for a few hours and he is already cheating on me. Tears was falling down my cheeks and i quickly wiped them away as i heard him coming up the stairs.

"Ireland, what did Lilly want? Wait.... Are you ok?"

"Dan, are you cheating on me with her?"

"Ireland dont think that. Come here. Why would you ask that?"

I cuddled into his arms and cried. I wanted to tell him but i was unsure how to.

"Lilly said that you was her boyfriend. She also said i wasnt allowed to talk to you EVER again and that i had to leave you."

I started to cry even more when i remembered what she said.


It had been about 5 minuets and i was still crying. Just then my phone went off. I looked at it and saw it was a twitter notifacation.

' @Ireland_Byrne Why would Dan want to be with someone who is slutty like you. There is better people out there so he dont need you! SLLLLUUUUUTTTTT'

I started crying even more and handed Dan my phone. He read it and as he was reading it his phone went off.......


*Dans POV*


What i read me so mad. I had the earge to thow her phone but then i realised it would smash and she would cry even more. I want her to stop crying. While i was in m own thoughts my phone went off so i took it out of my pocket and looked at it.

'@Danspaces Please be with me instead of her. Am like better looking and not a slut like her'

I replied to her straight away.

' @Dans_Bitch For your ifomation i would rather have her instead of someone like you who hates on her when she has done nothing to any of you!'

I didnt know what to do anymore. Luckly she was sleeping here tonight so i wouldnt have to worrie about people following her to her house. I dont know why people would hate someone as gorgeous as her. I mean she is one of te only girls that likes me for m nd not Dan from youtube.


A/N- Sorry it took so long to update. I have been having trouble with a lass from school that is just hating on me. Wll at least it is updated. Hope you like it. Also id like to say thanks to Dan for reading this. It took a while to actually get my head round the fact that you was reading it and the fact that you love it too. And thanks to Alisha for telling me that he liked it





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