Friends with Dan

Ireland meets her fave YouTuber, Dan. He saved her life and he didnt know it. Through out her life she had been hated. See what happens when she finally meets him.


5. Chapter 5

*Irelands POV*


Did he actually just give me a kiss? You dont realize how much am fangirling right now. Am actually looking forward to making this video with him.

" What we should do is pretend that i have something really important to tell them. What am i kidding it is important. Half way through you could come in and say something or ask a question. Then i could introduce you to the fans and hopefully they all will like you."

That actually sounded like a good idea. Dan your amazing at giving ideas. I nodded my head in agreement. 

"Right so do you want to go out side wile i talk for a bit?"

"Yeah sure."

I walked out side and waited until i go in.



*Dans POV*


She went out and i set my recorder up. I switched it on to record and sat in front of it.

" Guys, i dont know how to tell you but its really important. A few days ago i......i......"

I got cut of because of Ireland. Am glad because i was struggling on what to say.

"Dan am hungry. Oh what ya going?"

She joined me on the bed and sat next to me.

"Nothing really Ireland. Guys this is Ireland. We have been talking for a while and finally decided to meet up. Earlier today we ended up getting together and well. Were a couple now and i thought it would be best for you to know."

"I love you dan....."

"Love you more Ireland"

I gave her a kiss on the cheek and forgot all about the camera. Am glad that my fans know now. After editing it all we uploaded the video and the comments were amazing apart from the odd few.


*Kayleighs POV*

AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I have just seen the cutest straight couple on youtube EVER!! Am glad he has a girlfriend now. He seems really happy with her. I wish i was her to be honest. Shes gorgeous.


*Lillys POV*


Really? Are you being serious. First at the train station ad now they let all the fans know. You dont realize how much i hate her. I texted my friend Libby and Emily and they came up the the most fantastic plan ever. Lucky they knew where Dan lived so we wanted to give him a unexpected visit.


*Dans POV"

I heard my mum shouting me that there was someone at the door. As i opened it i saw that it was Lilly form earlier.

"Hey Dan........................................................................................"




A/N- I left it there on purpus. Tell me what you think will happen. 






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