Friends with Dan

Ireland meets her fave YouTuber, Dan. He saved her life and he didnt know it. Through out her life she had been hated. See what happens when she finally meets him.


4. Chapter 4

*Dans POV*

Ireland was 'ill' today and tomorrow all thanks to her mum letting her come and stay with me. I cant wait for her to meet my mum. Since we have been talking on twitter i couldnt stop telling my mum about her. She kept saying how nice Ireland sounded. 


It was an awkward silence while we were sat on the train. I wanted to make up a conversation but i couldnt think of one. I finally thought of something. Well it wasnt a conversation it was actually a question.


"Yeh Dan"

"Will.....Will you go out with me. I understand if you dont want to and just prefer to stay friend. You know what forget  what i have just asked. It dont matter."

Why did i have to say that. It was stupid of me. I felt so stupid. Just then something touched my cheek. I looked over and saw it was Ireland.

"Dan, i wouldnt say no to being with you. You even know its what i have always dreamed of."

"So i take it as a yes......"

I actually couldnt believe what i had just heard. i just wrapped my arm around her and cuddled up to her. We had been cuddled up for about 5 minuets until i heard our stop had come. I held my hand out for her to grab and out fingers intertwined. As we was walking out of the train station i heard my name being shouted.

"OMG your Dan from Danspaces aint you?"

"Thats me why?"

"OMG Dan am your biggest fan. Can you sign this?"

"Yeh, sure. Whats your name?"

"Lilly. Dan? Whos that you was holding hands with?"

I signed her things and looked at Ireland asking for permission to tell Lilly.

"Well Lilly, she is my new girlfriend, Ireland. I got with her earlier today."

"Well i think you and Ireland will make a cute couple. I dont care if you have a girlfriend or not. Am sure she is nice and i'll support you with any thing you plan."

Awwww! She was very sweet.  Am glad there is fans like her. After we talked to Lilly for a bit i took Ireland back to my house. 


*Lillys POV"


What! Dan has a girlfriend! And it aint me! I always wanted to be with him but nooooo she had to take him and keep him all to her self! She can fly to her country Ireland where she came from. Who would name their child Ireland anyways?


*Dans POV*


I introduced her to my mum and we told her about our new relationship.

"Dan am so proud of you son. I knew you would get with her."

Well my mum seemed please with us. I took her upstairs and got my video recorder out.

"Ireland, you fancy making a video with me?"


I smiled and walked up to her and gave her a peck on the lips. She ended up smiling and blushing. Alot. I found it quite funny actually 




A/N- I have to go to bed so i have to stop it here at the minuet. I will carry on with this chapter tomorrow. I also wanted to wish Dan a happy 18th birthday. 


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