Friends with Dan

Ireland meets her fave YouTuber, Dan. He saved her life and he didnt know it. Through out her life she had been hated. See what happens when she finally meets him.


2. Chapter 2

*Dans POV*

I woke up to find Ireland asleep next to me. I slowly got out of bed and put my 'Geeky' glasses on. Once i was on my feet i put my Adidas trainers on. I walked over to the desk to find a piece of parer and a pen. I wrote down my number and a message. 'It was really nice meeting you yesterday. Text me sometime and DONT hesitate! 07945167934 (NOT A REAL NUMBER)' The note got put onto the bed side table while i slipped out of the door and down stairs. The scent of food surrounded me. One thought came to mind and it was ' Am hungry'. Nothing new there for me though. 

"Morning Dan" Irelands mum said to me as i walked into the kitchen.

"Morning Miss," I greeted back with a warm smile.

"You dont realize how much you mean to Ireland." She looked up at me while handing me a plate. Wow! A full English breakfast. 

"Thank you, she keeps telling me i mean the world to her." I thanked her for my food. Her mum nodded her head. I still couldnt believe how much i ment to her. She wouldnt stop telling me. I heard a cough behind me. I turned my head to see it was Ireland. I smiled and walked to her. 

"Morning Ireland." I said while bringing her in for a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and put her head in my chest.


*Irelands POV*

I was in a cuddle with Dan. He still smelt amazing even if he didnt have his bodyspray and things like that.

"Morning dan." I replied while looking up at him.

*Skip breakfast*

We was both sitting in my room when he turned his head over into the corner with my guitar in. He stood up and walked over to it. 

"Do you play?" He said while picking it up carefully. I nodded my head. Wrong move i think because he handed it to me. "Can you play something for me?" I nodded my head and started strumming the cords to 'Let Her Go' by Passenger. He looked up at me when i finished. I was about to put my guitar down but he stopped me. "Play something else." 

"Like what?" I looked at him confused.

"Urrrrmmmm. Anything you wish." He smiled. I nodded my head and put my fingers on the board so they formed a Em7. I started strumming again but to 'WonderWall' by Oasis. I loved that song so much. I knew how to play it off by heart. "Dan, you fancy going to the park again?"  He looked at his watch and said something under his breath. 

"I would but i have to get home before my mum starts spamming my phone with messages." I chuckled to that last part but i was really sad that he had to go. 

"Okay, but we will get to see eachother again wont we?"

"I wouldnt dream of never seeing you again. I had too much fun not to." We said our byes and i shut the door. I ran up into my room and grapped my phone. The number got typed in and i texted him straight away.


A/N- Theres the chapter for the day. I just wish that he knew how much i loved him. He actually means the world to me. One of the best/ weird gingers i know. 



Fave if you liked it XD 


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