Youtube Imagines

This is basically a book full of imagines with youtubers. You can request for one if you wish


5. Finn For Christina

Christinas POV*


I was scrolling through my twitter looking at all the tweets people was sending me. Some of them was good but a mojority of them was really bad. They consisted of

' @Christina_Future_Harris Why would Finn go out with someone like you when there is better people out there like me! @FinnHarris Why dont you just be mine'

' @Christina_Future_Harris Your the sluttiest person on earth!!!!!'

Why was everyone hating on me. What did i do to them

' @Christina_Future_Harris Just kill your self already. I know your used to slitting yourself!'

That was the last thread. I have just had enough. I got a pen and some paper and started to write.


Dear Finny,

I know that you always say you love me and i love you so much but i need to leave.

I dont know what i have dont to deserve all this hate from your fans but getting told to kill my self and to slit my wrists i just dont know what to do any more. Let them know they have won and that you are now all theirs. I hope they are happy!

Promise you will someday get married and have children someday.

Love you and sorry it had to end like this 


I was just about to put kisses until Finn walked in. He saw the paper in my hand and asked for it. He would read it either way so i gave him it. Once he finished he looked at me with watery eyes.

"There is only one person am getting married to and thats you. Never take your life away. Oh and Christina... Will you marry me?"

i was now crying. 

"Yes ill marry you"


A/N- Am not being offencive to anyone who slits their wrists. If you do please stop. Your beautiful and i know you will be able to get through your problems and reasons why you do. Please put that razor/blade down. I know it take your stress away because i do it. Your problems are still their and your scars will stay so please stop

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