Not All Heroes Wear Capes

I'ts about how one direction are more than just a band. They save peoples lives.


2. Whats The Point?

I thought to myself, is there any point in entering? Just think of the millions and millions of other girls that think stand a chance of winning. What was I thinking, its the opportunity of a life time, I mean its not everyday you get a chance to meet your idols.

The prize was to spend not a day, but a week with One Direction, its like nothing they've ever done before. Just imagining what It'd be like brought tears to my eyes.

My and my best friend were one of the biggest fans you could ever ever meet! We were texting eachother about the competition all night. The tweet said "You and two friends have the chance to spend a week with us where ever you choose, enter on the website & wait until the 28th Feb! GoodLuck"

The winner would be announced two days after my birthday and would of been the best birthday present anybody could ever have! I entered and I'd never been more excited!


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