Not All Heroes Wear Capes

I'ts about how one direction are more than just a band. They save peoples lives.


3. School

Weekend was over and stuff had been going round school about the competition, I found it funny listening to all the fake fans going on about how their gonna win and how the boys are gonna fall in love with them. Pathetic right?

It was a few days before the winner would be announced, me and my friend were so excited, even though we knew we wasn't going to win, we would be happy for anyone who does as long as their a true fan.

We loved all the boys the same so if we won we all would of been together, and not leaving any of the boys feel like their not wanted.

We couldn't stop thinking of what we'd do if we won, nandos with Niall, watching batman with Liam, surfing with Louis, painting with Zayn and just generally being idiotic with Harry, theres nothing we would want more.

We got a lot of hate at school, people said "Your not going to win"  "If you win and the boys see you they'll cancel the whole thing"  "Why would the boys pick you" and stupid little comments like that.

But we didn't let them darken our spirits.

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