Hurricane [+15]

As the two Winchester brothers arrive to York, a little town, where the ghost of a murdered girl is starting to take her revenge, they are not expecting other supernatural complications. But when the ghost of Katharina Wilson, turns out having a breathing doppelganger, one problem turns into two, and soon the brothers find themselves having to choose between love, trust and whose site they are really on.


1. Little Town Perfect

I groan as I pull myself up in a sitting position.

“What time is it?”

“11:20,” Sam says, without glancing the slightest bit in my direction.

Most of all I want to lay back down in the bed. Pull the covers over my head and drift back to sleep, but I know that we’ve got job to do. Sam is sitting with his face buried in papers and his computer and I’m almost sure that he has been sitting in that position for several hours. He doesn’t look like he slept a lot last night, but I don’t bother asking. Not this time. Sam hasn’t slept well the past few weeks and I even though it concerns me, I don’t want to argue about it. I watch him for a few seconds, before I swing my legs over the edge of the bed, stretch my arms above my head and yawn. As soon as I’m standing on both feet, my stomach starts rumbling. I feel hungry, not just slightly hungry, but really hungry. I decide that before I do anything else, I need some food. I fast grab yesterdays t-shirt from the floor, put it on, followed by my cowboy jeans and a pair of boots. “I’m getting some food, want any?” I ask Sam, before I grab my leather jacket and slip it on. He shakes his head. “Sammy, you haven’t been eating at all.” I push it. He glances at me with raised eyebrows, “Are you worried?”

“What? No! I just don’t get how a man can function without food…” I fast say. A little wry smile appears on his lips, before he turns his eyes back to the screen.


Outside it is sunny, cold and the harsh wind turns my body cold to the core. I shiver. I know that we passed a gas station last night and by what I can remember, it was just placed a bit further up the road. I close my jacket, before digging my hand down in my pocket and picking up the car keys. I find my Chevrolet Impala where I left it last night. The sun reflects in her black surface. She is yet the only female that I’ve been committed to, no matter how pathetic that sounds. I unlock her and slide in. Her leather seats make me feel home and I lean back, closing my eyes. I feel exhausted, though I’ve gotten more sleep than usual. We’ve been on the road for a long time and even though I’m used to it, I could miss a place to stay, other than a motel room. A place that would feel more like a home. I would never admit that to anyone. Even though the thought of taking a few months off, occur to me every now and then, I would never really want to. I would rather choose to be saving people and hunting things. That is what I do and I won’t give it up for anything.

I don’t know how long I sit there, but it must have been for a while, because when someone knocks on the window I feel as if more than ten minutes have passed. I must have drifted into an almost sleeping state. I look at Sam that walks around the car and slides into the passenger side. “Hey,” He says and glances at me, “How come you are so tired?”

“How come you aren’t?”

He shrugs his shoulders and changes the subject, “I think I’ve found something.”

“Something, what?” I turn my full attention to him.

“Remember that girl I thought maybe had something to do with this?” He starts.

I nod.

“I am pretty sure she has.”

My eyes widen, “The girl from 1914?”


I am just about to ask him something more when my stomach protests in hunger. “Let’s talk about this once we’ve gotten something to eat – if you haven’t changed your mind?” I raise my eyebrows.

“I could maybe use something,” He says.


The road we’re driving on looks very different in the daylight. There are threes planted all the way down, like an avenue. The town overall looks like a pretty innocent, ordinary town. But so do most towns we have visited. Every place has got its dark side, just like people got theirs. This town reminds me awfully a lot about that one town we once visited, where a little boy named Peter had drowned in a lake and wanted revenge by drowning the relatives to the two men who had been the cause of his death. I shiver of the thought, but fast shake the feeling. I never bring work back with me home, as soon as Sam and I leave a town we do not look back. That’s one of our main rules. Never look back - unless something happens there again, which never has been the case.

  I park across the road from the gas station and jump out of the car. A little park is lying just where we parked as from what I can see, there is some kind of playground in here. Women with prams and mainly older people are making their way into the park. From what I can tell, it seems like a very quiet and safe town, where most people are ruled by routines. I turn my eyes away from the park and glance up at Sam who seems pretty caught up in his own thoughts, so none of us speak a word as we cross the hardly busy road. 


The doorbell rings two times. One time when I walk into the gas station shop, and a second time when Sam closely follows me. A blonde woman looks up from behind the desk and flashes us a smile, before turning her eyes back to the magazine lying on the counter in front of her. She looks young, maybe in her mid twenties, but stunning she surely is. The shop is looking like any other gas station shop. With a candy section in the back, hotdogs near the desk, a coffee machine and many other food and magazine sections. The walls are painted white, except from in the candy section. There the wall is red and white. Polka coloured. I look around a little, until my eyes end up on the blonde. I raise my eyebrows and consider my options. Her eyes are still dancing over the magazine pages, not bothering to look up at me, though I am very sure that she’s aware I am staring. I study her for a bit too many seconds, when it comes to Sam. He coughs in his hand, causing me to look up at him. “Come on man,” I whisper, “We can have some fun.” 
A sigh escapes his lips. He glances at the girl and I expect him to roll his eyes, or make some comment but he doesn’t say anything. He looks surprised. I glance from him to the girl, “Dude, I saw her first.” I whisper. “There’s a brother rule; we do not share ho-“

Sam raises his hand to make me shut up. He keeps looking at her, wrinkles starting to form in his forehead. I watch him for a few seconds, until I snap my fingers in front of his face. His eyes fast move away from her and he looks down at me.

“Why so serious?” I ask, raising my eyebrows in confusion.

He avoids answering, “Let’s get something to eat. I’m starving…”

“I thought you weren’t hungr-“

“Dean,” He cuts me off.

“Someone’s moody,” I mutter under my breath. Sam breathes in deeply, but decides to ignore my comment. Like I don’t bother asking him why he is acting so weird.


“Miss,” I say. The girl, behind the desk, turns her eyes to me, “Can I help you with anything?” She closes her magazine and pushes it aside, giving me her full attention. “There’s a lot of things that you could help me with,” I smirk.

She raises her eyebrows in a challenging way, “Oh, like finding you some new pick-up lines?”

Sam chuckles as I open my mouth to answer, but remain speechless. I feel as if she just punched the pride in me into a million tiny pieces. She looks up at Sam and smiles, “Unless that’s your job?”
He shakes his head with a laugh, “My job is to stop him from hitting on girls, but I am not very good at it.”

I curse him in my mind, glaring deadly up at him, but he is not bothering to look at me at all.

“It’s okay, we can’t be good at everything now can we?”

Sam shrugs his shoulders and I answer her before he gets the chance. “No. We can’t.” I mutter. Her smile softens, “Don’t worry-“ She holds a pause.

“-Dean,” I say.

“Dean.” She repeats. “You tried.”

Sam shakes his head with a smile before interrupting us, “Is there any place around here that you could recommend? Like for breakfast, lunch or something?”

She looks away from me and back at Sam. She thinks for a few seconds, “Depends on what you want. There’s a perfectly fine diner just on the other side of the park. They have a great brunch and lunch menu.”

He nods, “What about dinner?”

“If you’re into burgers and fries.” She shrugs.

“We are,” I fast say.

She smiles, “Then I guess that’s a good place for you.”

“Anything you can recommend?” I ask.

“Their blueberry pie is very delicious, and you guys look like beer guys?”

I nod and Sam shrugs his shoulders.

“They have a Scandinavian beer, I believe it is Danish or Norwegian. That one is very good.”

“Well thank you,” Sam says.

“Would you mind showing us where that diner is?” I ask and send her an innocent smile. She laughs a little under her breath, “As you can see I am the only one who’s here at the moment, but if you have such a bad sense of direction then maybe we could figure something out.”

I open my mouth to answer her, but Sam is one step in front of me, “It’s really kind of you, but I think that we need to get going.”

She looks a bit surprised, but answers fast, “Sure! May I ask you where you are from though? You don’t sound like you’re from town.”

“We’re kinda from everywhere. Travelled a lot when we were kids.” I say. She nods, “Well, if you ever need anything then you can ask anyone. Most people here are really friendly.”

“We’ll keep that in mind,” Sam says, before he once again mentions that we have to leave. I don’t really understand why, since I haven’t gotten her number nor have I gotten her name, but I don’t get the chance before Sam drags my out of the gas station. I am still hungry, but maybe the diner has better food than the gas station. I don’t get to walk more than two steps, before Sam grabs my upper arm, stopping me in my tracks. “Dean,” He whispers seriously. I shake his hand off of me and glance over my shoulder, “What is it?” I hiss. He nervously glances to both sides and then to the door that we just walked out of. “Let’s head to the diner, I’ll explain.” He mumbles. 

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