Hurricane [+15]

As the two Winchester brothers arrive to York, a little town, where the ghost of a murdered girl is starting to take her revenge, they are not expecting other supernatural complications. But when the ghost of Katharina Wilson, turns out having a breathing doppelganger, one problem turns into two, and soon the brothers find themselves having to choose between love, trust and whose site they are really on.


2. Diners and Doppelgangers

The diner is half filled as we walk through the brown wooden door. Most people that are seated are halfway through their meals, and I fast notice that most of them are women or elderly people. There won’t be long until most people will have left, since the brunch hours almost are over. My stomach turns in hunger at the smell of bacon, eggs and maple syrup pancakes. I stand still for a few long seconds, letting my eyes run over the room. The walls are mainly beige coloured, but some places they have built the wall of stone. There are placed small buckets of flowers on most of the tables, beside the salt and pepper.

I don’t notice that Sam isn’t standing beside me, before I spot him making his way over to an unseated booth in the corner of the diner, and in the matter of seconds I am headed across the chequered stone floor, following him. The tables are all made of aluminium, and the couch that I let myself sink down in, has an olive looking colour. I lean back, breathing in deeply. I close my eyes for a second, trying to push the hunger away. I want to ask Sam what is bothering him, but when I think about it, there is almost always something that is bothering him. Usually he is right, and it is something that we shall be aware of, but sometimes I wish that he would just breathe out for a second. After a few seconds I open them again and fast scan the room, meeting the gaze of a waitress who is placing an old couples coffee cups on her tray. She flashes me a smile, letting me know that she will be over in a second. She turns her attention back to couple and I turn mine back to Sam. As soon as he has my attention, he speaks up.
“I think we might be dealing with a doppelganger.” He says, out of nowhere. I widen my eyes a little. I would usually ask him why he thinks so, but we almost found out that we’re dealing with a ghost, maybe an angry spirit. There is nothing that point in the direction of this being a doppelganger. “Didn’t we agree on the fact that this had something to do with the girl from 1914?” I ask.
Sam shrugs his shoulders, “We didn’t agree, Dean. I just told you what I thought in the car.”
“So you honestly believe that we are dealing with a doppelganger? An evil twin?” I snort in disbelief.
“I worked a little on this last night,” He starts. I raise my eyebrows. “Not the doppelganger theory, of course.” He fast adds, “But I was up most of the night, studying the case about Katharina Wilson.”
“Katharina Wilson?” I question. He hasn’t mentioned that name before. It makes me slightly frustrated to not know anything, when he clearly knows a lot. Maybe he even figured this out on his own.
“It’s that girl.” He answers me.
“From 1914?”
He nods, “Turns out she was murdered by her husband, shortly after their marriage. Or well, the rumour has it that it was him that killed her, but there was no evidence of it back then. Since he was a male, from a wealthy family, no one dared to push charges on him.”
“Is that something you read, or is it something you believe?”
Sam doesn’t bother to answer my question. He seems sure that it is her ghost we are dealing with, so instead he keeps explaining. “You see, the three men that has been found dead ever since Katharina’s death, is the family of Katharina’s husband. They all showed up dead, at the same age that Katharina’s husband was when he murdered her, and they are all related to him.”
“That just shows that we’re dealing with an angry spirit. Someone who wants revenge, not a doppelganger.” I say. It starts to become clearer that it is a ghost, someone who hasn’t found peace yet. But I still don’t understand why Sam is bringing doppelgangers up, and to be honest I would rather not have a doppelganger in the midst of this. They tend to be some nasty bastards. They are usually the reflection of evil in the person they look like; like an evil twin. I have bad memories with them.
“I am getting there,” Sam assures me. “Because you see, I found an article in an old news paper yesterday, at the library.”
“When did you go to the library?”
“You were out.”
“Oh.” I mumble, “But what else?”
“You see, I searched all the news papers from 1914, until I found one that mentioned something about Katharina’s death. It was not a long article, but there was this one picture, of her. And Dean, I’m telling you… That girl at the gas station looks exactly like her.” Sam leans a bit over the table. I don’t know what to say. It sounds so ridiculous that I can’t help but let out a little laugh, “Are you kidding me?”
“No! What if we are not only dealing with a ghost, but maybe a doppelganger? Or what if that girl is Katharina.” Sam seems desperate, like there must be some connection.
“Do you know what I think? I think that you haven’t slept or eaten in a while, and you really need something to run on. You’re talking crazy, man. That girl wasn’t even born when the first murder happened. And do you think Katharina would spend her time working at a gas station, reading magazines? I doubt it.”
Sam is just about to say something, when a female voice interrupts. “What can I do for you two?”

We both look up. The brown haired waitress from before is standing at the end of our table, with a pen and a block, and a smile painted across her face. She is trying to give us both attention, but it is clear that her eyes keep on wandering back to Sam. Puppy eyed Sammy. He hesitates a little, before speaking, “Do you have any good breakfast menu?”
“Yeah, you’re lucky, the breakfast menu closes at 12. We have a good brunch, if that is anything? I can let you know what’s on it.”
“No thanks, you don’t need to. I’ll just have one of them, and a cup of black – very black – coffee.”
“Sure,” She says, letting her pen run over the paper. She then looks at me, “And for you?”
“Just give me the same.” I say. She writes down again, looks back Sam and says, “Just snap your fingers if you want anything.”
“Sure, thanks.” He says, and looks back at me. Sam is clearly not looking for any flirt, because he isn’t showing the tiniest interest in the girl. But that’s no surprise. Sam usually stays with the job, when we’re working. The waitress glances at me for the last time, and then she walks off.
“Sammy, no need to be so cold.” I say, a wry smile growing in the corner of my lips. He looks confused, “What are you talking about?”
“That girl was clearly interested. You should really give it a go more often.”
“No she wasn’t, Dean. Just because a girl is nice, doesn’t mean that she’s interested.” Sam mutters.
“Why is she still looking at you then?” I challenge him.
He frowns, and looks back over his shoulder. The girl is looking, and when he catches her eye, she smiles. He gives her a little nod, before fast looking back at me. “Dean, seriously.”
“I’m just saying that you could… Use something. You’re always so tense, Sammy. Girls are a good medicine on this job,”
“Shut up,” He mutters again, causing my smile to grow wider. Teasing Sam was a thing I always found very amusing. He takes a deep breath, leans back in his seat and relaxes. “I still believe that the girl has something to do with it.” He says, taking our conversation back to the doppelganger. I do not see any connection, and therefore I see no need to dig deeper down in it.
“Don’t be crazy.”
“How can you not be crazy? This job is crazy. This life is crazy! How can you be so blind? We have been dealing with doppelgangers before - they do exist. And how can you then explain why that girl looked exactly like Katharina?”
“Don’t go there,” I warn, crossing my arms across my chest. I am too hungry to fight with him, especially on this.
“I am just saying that we should check this out. Dad would’ve wanted us to.”
“Do not bring dad into this!” I hiss. I am tired of Sam using our dad against me. He is dead and he has been for a while. Neither do I care whether our dad wanted to or not, if I don’t find it necessary, then I won’t do it. Sam can go check it out if he feels like it, but I will not help him. He closes his eyes like I did earlier, shutting me out. “Let’s talk about this later.”
“Or never.” I mutter.
He ignores me.

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