The first in the twisted fairy tale series brought to life with sinister tales, mystery and suspense.

Little Red Riding Hood (or Hood to her immediate friends and family,) has just celebrated her fourteenth birthday when a series of mysterious murders happens...

Yet soon Hood is swept up into the investigation- trying hard to suss out who is behind it all. But as she delves deeper into the clues, she realises that the obvious is good; and the hidden is bad...


5. Detective Hood

That night I tossed and turned on the couch- (we had forgotten to get the bed from Grannies so it was either sleep on the couch or with Dobbin.) The thought of the Wolf coming to Glosne... its sharp, needle-like claws slowly scratching huge marks into our flimsy wooden door... its powerful legs floating up the staricase... until it reached my room. What would happen if someone round here was killed? Would we have to move? I wouldn't be able to bear it- leaving my home town. It was the place I had grown up in. Where would we go? Esma was a three-day hike from here, and we certainly weren't going to Flecne. There was nothing I could do...wait. There was something I could do! Perhaps if I was to get involved in the investigation without anyone knowing? What if I could be apart of my own investigation completely seperate from the Police's? I could find my own evidence, consider my own suspects and even find out information from the witnesses. It would be like a serious "game." Yes! I could do that! I might even pick up on things the Police miss; and even if I didn't manage to find the killer; at least I'd be leaving knowing I tried to do something about it- rather than kicking myself about sitting back and letting it all happen. It was settled. Tomorrow morning, I'd wake up bright and early and walk over to the...the place. There is no room in this land for murderers; and I was going to find them- fourteen or not.

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