The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


2. why

'Waaw that ride was pretty crazy'harry said,he was looking at me standing in front of him.i noticed he was biting he's bottom lip.'you wanne go and drink something with me'harry asked.'why not'was my answer 'lets go to nandos'as we where walking to nando's i saw a giant group of paparazzi and fans i was shocked and harry noticed .dont be scared lively ...he said he took my hand and brought me to a black car he opend the door for me so i whent in than he walked around the car and in no time he was sitting next to me"so nandos is not a option but whe can still go to my place ' harry said ...i never tought that i would be going home with a celebery ,and i didnt whent home with him because he was celeberty just because he made me feel special .'ofcourse that sounds lovely'i responsed while i was blushing'but i dont wanne bother you are something'i said shyly'oh believe me lively you dont bother me at all,i like you 'i smiled at him as he showed me his dimples than he drived us to his place .in the car we talked about everything about my ex cheating on me and much more 'why would anyone cheat on YOU'harry said and than continieud 'if you where mine i would never let you go ''your so damn lovely'than he putted he's giant hand under my hair on my neck he gave me goosebumps..than he brought hes face closer to mine he slowly pressed his lips against mine our toungs where dancing after a minute i broke the kiss'waaw'i said i really didnt kow what just happend i just kissed him!!! I felt butterflys all over my body 'the best kiss ever'harry said he looked at me and gave me one last kiss on my cheek than we continieud the ride...

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