The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


3. what a place!

pDeWhen we reached harry's home he opend the door for me as i walked in'Waaw wahat a place'i said it was masive out there harry laughed'gotta spend my money wisly'harry said i smiled at him .i putted my bag somewhere in a corner 'im just gonna take a shower i've been in these shirt for two days'harry said 'okay'i answerd harry opend a door walked in a room and closed the door i didnt know what to do so i just whent and sit on the couch ...when harry finished hes shower i saw him walking out of the bathroom whit nothing but just a towel around his waist he looked at me gave me a little smile and said'i need some socks'he continieud hes walk,than he was standing a few meters away from me he had hes back turned to me.i felt myself getting wetter a little bit while i was still siting in the couch i think harry felt it that i just kept on looking at him 'you like what you see 'harry asked while turning his face in my direction.'eeuuhmm,i kind off do'harry laughed he walked over to me so he was standing behind me..he putted his arms around my neck he slowly kissed my neck while was still behind me hes arm slide under my t shirt he laid me down and walked over to me he took my t shirt off he was starring at my body it was ovious that he like my black bra he took my skirt of so i was just in my underware i took his towel away so i saw his giant (you know :-) ) i felt his hand going to my panties ,i took his hand and stopped it'first time'he asked me'yes..'i said i was really embaressed ' kind of happy it is cause..its my first time ass well'i was shocked i was just going to deflower harry styles and he eas just going to deflower me 'than lets do it togheter i said he smiled and we continieud our sexytime ...
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