The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


8. unexpected kisses...

Are are you serious ?i asked him 'i am i felt it when seeing you for the first time..'waaw i have to say liam...'i really didnt expected that but as you know i am in love with harr...than liam fully kissed me on my lips...i didnt mean to but i was kissing him back..i didnt had any feelings for liam at all !i am in love with harry... i stopped the kiss it was so wrong but so good...i am soo sorry 'liam said 'you are just so sexy and atractive and your lips are just...'i answerd:"liam this is really wrong this cant happen again never again' he came closer to me 'than tell me you didnt enjoyd it .. i pushed him back 'i like you liam i really do just not on that way..'  he smiled to me 'i know love but i like you and i always will...i smiled lets just not talk about it .. '#are you mad at me love'liam askedme 'ofcourse not'i hugged him really tight 'zayn walked in the kitxhen 'waaw someone became really good friends 'we bought laughed 'now im jealous 'zayn said while walking over to me i  hugged him asv well than we all walked out ..heey love harry said  i walked over to him and whent sitting on his lap hes hands grabbed my waist and i felt his boner  i looked at hhim in my eyes you could see what i was thinking'harry the boys are hete than he kissed my neck...xx

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