The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


1. the first touch

I was walking on the streets,walking to the carnival.i was alone cause my friends didnt want to join me.they tought it was childish...but i didnt care ,i just had to go outside .my ex-boyfriend just cheated on me  and i spent the whole afternoon on eating ben and jerry's.when i finnaly arrived the carnival i heard people screaming probably because of the giant rollercoaster.i was going in as well  i just had to...but i was scared do ,normaly i had my friends with me so i could hold there hand but now i was alone...when i walked in i saw the giant rollercoaster in front off me..i just had to go in .so i whent..i was sitting on the second row and there was still place next to me but no one was in the seat ,i was so scared ,than i heard someone shouting"heey can i still sit there?"a tall cute brown haire boy pointed to the seat next to me ,the boy was really handsome it was like i knew him from somewhere"ofcourse you can"i said .now he was sitting next to me .."hey beautiful waths your name ?"he asked me,i started of blushing "euhhm ,lively ,whats yours?'he laughed i didnt know why"harry'he saidthan i relized i was sitting next to the 'harry styles 'from one direction i was really shocked'can i ask you something'he asked'yeah you can 'i answerd'can i please hold your hand im pretty scared'he said to me while he was looking at me with hes deep green eyes tht made me melt'yes you can'i reached out my hand and he grabed it hes hands felt so warm and ..i just couldnt speek and i think he felt the same way about our first touch cause now he was looking at me with a sparkle in hes eyes'dont be scared love im here with you'he said to me  i grabbed his hand a little bit tighter ...than the ride starts...

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