The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


4. that morning

That morning i woke upp lying on harry's chest in a king-size bed i looked at him he was still sleeping i was so happy i couldnt believe i did 'it'with harry ...harry was hoolding me in a tight grip. So i couldnt stand up to brush my theets i was trying to but harry was holding me to thight ...i decided to stay in bed as i started tickling hary's bared chest...harry opend hes eyes,i was scared ..what if harry tought it was just a onenightstand? It was real for me but what if..if im just a 'girl' i wanted to be more than just a girl i want to be the girl harry fals in love with than i heard "heey love,waaw you look beautiful in the morning'i smiled'are you finall awake? 'I asked"i've been awake the whole time i just dont want you to go away from me'harry said i smile i was soo rlelieved ..i wasnt just a onenight stand "was i good'harry asked me 'oooh mister styles your more than good ..'i said harry laughed'you wanne do round number 2 harry asked me with a cheeky smile 'mm like that tought'i said as i went sitting on him 'What do you wane do today 'harry asked me'i dont know 'you?'i asked him 'as long as iam with you everything is fine ''i just wanne stay home with you 'harry said 'wait ,! I got an idea'harry continiued 'lets invite the boys today' harry proposed 'ooh that would be really cool but i look like crap and i dont have any fresh clothes wih me ...i said blushing all the way 'well my love thanlets go for shopping! ' haary said 'ooh harry your so sweet 'i said while walking twowards him and putting my arms around his neck 'but only on one condition'i said while looking at him straight in the eyes 'what 'harry said 'you choose the outfit ' harry laughed and than kissed me like never before...
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