The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


6. talk talk

When me and harry came home he laid me down on the bed he was on me we bought wanted sex but than someone called harry 'ooh hey liam 'harry said'i wanted to call you wats up'hary continieud he had hes phone on speaker 'the internet is full of pictures of you and a girl'what was harry going to sai?he putted hes phone on speaker off he walked out off bed straight in to the bathroom he closed the door .i walked over to the bathroom door just to hear what harry was saing about me 'yeah i know her name is lively ''yeah i do like her shes special'harry said i went back in bed harry walked out of the bathroom in a second he was in bed with me i looked at him 'the boys are comming in a few hours' he said 'ooh okay ' We where still in bed my head was on his bared chest he was talking about ex-girlfriends he only had one her name was Felicity but she wasnt that special'she didnt make me feel like y you make me feel'he said while tickling my arms this was the perfect apurtunity to ask harry wath my position was in hes life ' eeuuhhm harry can i ask you something'i said'ofcourse you can love ''what do i mean to you'i asked him'oo lively dont tell me that you tought you are just a one night stand you mean much to me im in love with you your my girlfriend he said to me 'your the coolest person i've ever met 'he continieud and wath do i mean to you? He asked me 'harry you mean the world to me 'i said tohim he kissed me on my cheeks and than al over my face i love you lively he said for always and forever 'and i love you hary forever and always ...
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