The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


7. meeting the boyzzz..

Waaw you really look hot in that dress love'harry said to me ..i laughed at him'the boys are here in like a half hour 'he said to me whit a cheeky smile  'waht do you mean harry'i said while blushing and smiling at him 'i mean..we can still make out our something..'he said while turning red i laughed realy loud and slowly started kissing him..


''ding doong''harry opend the door 'heey guys'i heard i was standing in the livingroom  and i was soo nervous i really didnt know what to doo 'how do i look ?' "what do i have t say?' than a blond haired guy with an irish accent named niall walked over to me heey beautifull he said and he gave me a hug ..than the other guys came and gave me a hug 'so this is lively the love of my life'harry said 'i smiled at him he winked at me .well ...its verry nice to meet you and we are verry happy that harry finnaly met someone 'louis said with a funny tone harry kised me on my lips 'i love you'he wisperd in my ear ...


harry and  the boys where playing on the playstation  i was in the kitchen finishing my beer  liam wasnt intresting in the playstation as well i saw him walking over to me heey beauty he said ...heey liam'ianswerd we had a verry long chat talking about everything..'waaw harry can be soo happy with you he said'i feel like i fel in love with you after 15 minutes'he said ..i was shocked really shocked how could liam payne fall in love with me aftet dating a beauty queen as daniele ?? ...

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