The first touch

Lively goes to the carnival but when harry a cute brown-curled hair boy comes and sits next to her on the rollercoaster...the storry begins xxx


9. its raining harry

when the boys left and harry was in bed i was taking my dress of 'come here next to me 'he said i was still thinking about liam i think you could see it in my eyes 'whats wrong love'harry said'i cant tell you'i answerd i was laying down on his chest and i smelt his paco rabbane one million.'and if i force you to tell it'harry said 'well only if you promise not to be mad'...'how can i be mad at you'harry said i gelt soo sorry but i jad to tell it.'well when me an liam where in the kitchen..'i allready saw a shock in hes eyes 'liam kind off kissed of me..'i said .. i saw harry was hurt 'WHAT ??did you kissed him back ?'he asked me ,i needed to be fair 'yes i did but i didt wanted it at all i didnt even wanted to kiss him... UNBELIEVEBLE harry screamed he walked over to the bathrom he took hes phone with him and i knew he was going to call liam i heard him shouting at him  than hes voice lowerd down it seemed like everything was okay again than he walked outside the bathroom he took his clothes and putted them on than he went outside 'noo harry you'l get sick'SO' he said and runned outside..i had to follow him i just had to..when i was oitside it starded raining as ell it was like a scene in a movie but real..'harry stop !''let me talk to you...i screamed he stopped waliking 'What do you have to say lively'he said 'you knpw what i said to you the first time we met..'i said he turned around hes hair was all wet sticking to his face just as mine'i would never ever cheat on you,you have to forgive me this wasnt my fault att all ''i love you harry,and you know i do i will always love you..'he runned over to me iit was dark outside bit light of the stars where shinning bright enough we were totally wet because off the rain now he was standing right in front of me hes giant hand grabbed my cheeks and hes lips crushed in to mines our toungs where dancing my hands whee around his waist i felt amazing 

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