Trapped in Atlantis

*Completed* Jonathan Karter is obsessed with a game called Dragons of Atlantis. He plays it every day and night. Sometimes, he even misses school to just play the game. But he hadn't always been like that. He had started playing these games because his little brother, Jack died in an accident. Jonathan is very skilled in Dragons of Atlantis. But what would he realize as he gets stuck in Dragons of Atlantis?


5. War

Jonathan had to destroy the other players before it was too late. Maybe if he got the new people into his hands, all the other people won't turn their back on him so much. 

Jonathan started to fly fast, looking for players. Then, he found one. It was a girl. She was tagged Lictor Pink Elephants. 

Jonathan flew to her. She wasn't so weak, but Jonathan thought she would work. 

He said, "Hi, pink. Mind going to war with the other players with me?" 

Pink said, "No! You're going to attack me!" 

Jonathan got mad. He automatically reached into his pocket and reached for some of his troops. Amazingly, they were there. 

Jonathan threw the troops, not knowing what they were, at Lictor Pink Elephants. She died. 

Jonathan hoped that he hadn't actually killed her. If he did, he had committed a murder. But he had to get out of Atlantis. He had to. 

He went again, looking for players. He had to find the small ones first. If he just got them out of the way, it might be easier. 

Jonathan had some of his army defending himself. Some of his army, if they were too slow, had to attack wildernesses and cities for resources. Some of his dragons had to attack cities, too. But he kept his Wind Dragon and Wraith Dragon to his side. They were good. 

So far, he had killed thirty people. Only four-hundred seventy more to go... 

He had to keep attacking. Somehow, he never got exhausted. But he knew that it was because he was inside a game. 

Jonathan was flying around after killing Captain Karkor, power 3,679. He killed 183 more people. 

He wanted to stop it. But he couldn't. If he did, he'll die and not return back to reality. 

He wanted to say sorry to his parents and friends. He wanted to live... 

But he had enemies. And if there was a single error in the game, all of them would most likely die. Jonathan had to get out the game, quick. 

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