Trapped in Atlantis

*Completed* Jonathan Karter is obsessed with a game called Dragons of Atlantis. He plays it every day and night. Sometimes, he even misses school to just play the game. But he hadn't always been like that. He had started playing these games because his little brother, Jack died in an accident. Jonathan is very skilled in Dragons of Atlantis. But what would he realize as he gets stuck in Dragons of Atlantis?


4. The Other Players

Jonathan stood up. He walked out of his fortress. He petted his vicious dragon. He smiled. He was the ruler of the game. He would rule it now, himself. 

Jonathan snapped his fingers. A mysterious man came. 

He said, "Supreme Justice Dark End, do you need anything?" 

Jonathan said, "I need to write a letter to my alliance. I am going to declare war with the rank 2 alliance, House of Blues. No one is going to stop me!" 

The man snapped his fingers and a roll of parchment appeared. 

Jonathan asked, "Is that magic?" 

The man laughed and shook his head. 

"Of course not. This is a game, remember? Anything can happen." 

Jonathan said, "Oh, yeah right." 

He grabbed the parchment and started writing on it.

Hello Unmanageable!

We are going to have a war with House of Blues! You all must participate or you'll get kicked out of the alliance. 

Attack, now!
-Dark End, your Overlord

Jonathan went out of the city himself. He gazed around. He was flying, but not amazed. He wanted to attack. Then, he found Mozart Beethoven, a House of Blues member. Jonathan instantly attacked him with 9000k Thunder Golems and 500k Pack Dragons. He needed some resources. 

Jonathan flew around Atlantis once more. Then, he spotted a person flying. He flew towards the person.   

There was a small tag under the person that said Adjudicator Grave Danger. Jonathan laughed. 

Grave Danger was the overlord of the rank 3 alliance, Grave Digger's alternative account. But he was pretty strong. 

He said, "Hi Dark. I see you were one of 500 to be chosen. I wanted to go into the game in my real account as Grave Digger, but they said I can't do that. Rotten luck I have... But I know what we are supposed to do. It is war between the 500 chosen ones. We are to kill each other. That's the way we can get back into the real world." 

Jonathan said, "What if I don't want to go back into the real world? What if I like it here and want to stay here?" 

Grave Danger stared at him in a weird way. 

"If the game has errors, you'll die for sure. You don't want that to happen, do you?" 

Jonathan thought for a while. He wasn't so sure. Ever since Jack died, everything went wrong for him. 

"I wouldn't mind if I die. No one cares for me." 

Grave Danger said, "Whatever. But there isn't much percentage that you will survive. It's most likely that you will die here." 

Jonathan said, "I'm Dark End. Everyone fears me." 

Grave Danger said, "But everyone hates you. Everyone wants to kill you. Now since the survival game has started, you will die. Don't you want to go back where you will die more peacefully?"

Jonathan flew away. Grave Danger was wrong... right? It just couldn't be possible. Everyone liked him. No one attacked him. But when he thought about it, he began to realize that no one wanted to talk with him and no one wanted to play war with him. Even if he said that he will only use conscripts to battle, they always refused. 

Maybe Grave Danger was right. Maybe he was foolish. Now he only wanted to get out of the game. He wanted to stop playing the game. But to do that, he had to fight. 

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