Trapped in Atlantis

*Completed* Jonathan Karter is obsessed with a game called Dragons of Atlantis. He plays it every day and night. Sometimes, he even misses school to just play the game. But he hadn't always been like that. He had started playing these games because his little brother, Jack died in an accident. Jonathan is very skilled in Dragons of Atlantis. But what would he realize as he gets stuck in Dragons of Atlantis?


8. The Battle

Jonathan lost. Once more. And he had lost all of his resources, troops, and his dragons were all terribly injured. Rios and Grave Digger ended up fighting against each other, too. But Rios won. 

Now, there was no way that Jonathan would survive. 

Soon, Jonathan got the news that only three members of the Freak Show had survived. The three lucky members were Ananda, Witcha, and Ecstasy. 

The only players left were now Rios, Ananda, Witcha, Ecstasy, and him. 

But he couldn't battle with the other players and win. He didn't have any troops to battle with. 

He was slowly flying around, trying not to be spotted, when he saw Rios and Ectasy battling. Rios won. Then Witcha and Rios battled. They had almost all of their troops killed, but Witcha won because a little bit of her troops had survived. When Ananda and Witcha fought, Ananda won. 

Now Ananda and Jonathan had to battle. But most of Ananda's troops had survived. Jonathan had none. 

He had to use his own body to battle. It was his last chance. 

Ananda sent all of her troops at the same time. Jonathan pulled out a sword and a shield. It was his only hope. 

He raised sword high. The sunlight met the sword. Then, the light sort of attached to the sword. When Jonathan pointed his sword at some of Ananda's troops, they instantly died. 

Soon, only Ananda herself was left. 

Jonathan raised his sword and threw it to Ananda's body. She died. 

The next thing he knew was that he was on the floor of his room. 

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