Trapped in Atlantis

*Completed* Jonathan Karter is obsessed with a game called Dragons of Atlantis. He plays it every day and night. Sometimes, he even misses school to just play the game. But he hadn't always been like that. He had started playing these games because his little brother, Jack died in an accident. Jonathan is very skilled in Dragons of Atlantis. But what would he realize as he gets stuck in Dragons of Atlantis?


7. Rios and Grave Digger

Jonathan had lost a battle. He was still shocked by that. 

He, Jonathan Karter, Dark End, had lost a battle. Almost all of his troops were dead. Jonathan flew around, trying to look like a weak player. But it wouldn't be easy. His tag still said Supreme Justice Dark End. 

He gazed around and gulped. He saw two players. It was Rios and Grave Digger. Grave Digger and Rios were two very powerful players. They also attacked a lot of people. They were almost the only people who challenged themselves to attack him. 

If they had decided to become an alliance together, Jonathan had to hide. That was the only way to survive. Rios and Grave Digger killed everyone in their path. And Jonathan was. 

When Jonathan was about to fly away from them, Rios spotted him. 

"Hey Grave, isn't that Dark?" 

Grave Digger said, "Yep. I saw him through my alt, Grave Danger."

So Grave Danger was lying. Of course he was. Grave Digger was one of the 500 person to experience Virtual Atlantis. 

Rios said, "Hey, Dark! Wanna battle?"

Jonathan gulped. He couldn't say no. That meant that he was losing. It didn't matter if he said no or yes. Grave Digger and Rios was going to attack him no matter what. It was better to start the battle. 

He said, "Sure, why not?" 

But he didn't have any troops. What would he do? He had to use his dragons. Great Dragon, Water Dragon, Stone Dragon, Fire Dragon, Wind Dragon, Ice Dragon, Mephic Serpent, Amber Crest Dragon, Helio Dragon, Chrono Dragon, Kaiser Dragon,  and even his strongest dragon that he didn't use very often, his Wraith Dragon. 

He would also need to summon his slow troops. He would use all some of his speedups. 

Grave Digger said, "Ready, set... GO!" 

Jonathan first summoned his Great Dragon, Stone Dragon, and Mephic Serpent. He sent a message to his city and outposts to train like crazy. 

But Rios and Grave Digger had strong troops. They sent their weak ones first; their conscripts and porters. Of course his dragons killed all of them. But after a while, when it got to Longbomen, it got harder. 

Jonathan had to send three more dragons. Then, his slow troops arrived. They begun to battle, too. 

But Rios and Grave Digger had elite troops, too. Grave Digger had tons of them. 

Jonathan gulped nervously every time Grave and Rios sent their troops. He was going to loose. He knew it. 

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