Trapped in Atlantis

*Completed* Jonathan Karter is obsessed with a game called Dragons of Atlantis. He plays it every day and night. Sometimes, he even misses school to just play the game. But he hadn't always been like that. He had started playing these games because his little brother, Jack died in an accident. Jonathan is very skilled in Dragons of Atlantis. But what would he realize as he gets stuck in Dragons of Atlantis?


2. Jack

Jonathan opened the chest. The name of the chest was Epic Troop Bin. Jonathan smiled. Troops. He bought fifty more of the chest. But then, he ran out of rubies. He murmured a bad word. Then, he bought more rubies. 

Once again, he was bored. He was the overlord of his alliance; Unmanageable. Of course his members were powerful, too. But even if he combined all of his members' power, it still wasn't even half of his own power. 

It was boring. No one ever challenged to attack him. He was too powerful. 969 billion power didn't mean he was too powerful. 

People did say that he was too powerful. His wall was level 13. His researches were higher than anyone. Every building was upgraded to its maximum level. He had every kind of outpost and troop. He had every kind of scale and armor.

Everyone's wish was that he would join their alliance. But Jonathan was successful enough in his own alliance. He wasn't going to be a lord or a leader in some kind of small alliance. 

He accidentally clicked on the red x. He was back to his computer background. He stared at the faces there. One was him. One was Jack. 

It was before it had all happened. Before he... died. 

One day, Jonathan was waiting for his little brother, Jack, to come the school office. 

Jack came after ten minutes or so. He was smiling. He was holding up a drawing. He ran to him.

He said, "Hi, John! Look what I drew!"

Jonathan said, "Nice job, Jack! You are amazing." 

The picture was of Peter Pan. Jack was obsessed with Peter Pan these days. Jack was in Pre K now. He was very excited every day to go to school. 

Jonathan was in eighth grade. He had light brown hair, dark green eyes, and fair skin. He was very popular. Jack was miniature Jonathan.

Jonathan loved his brother. He took care of him every day.

Well, that day, they were walking home. Jack was excited. They were crossing the street when Jack started running.

Jonathan shouted, "Come back here, Jack!" 

Well, Jack didn't listen. A motorcycle was approaching Jack. It was going too fast to stop. Jack was hit instantly. 

Jack was moved to the hospital automatically, but he died in ten minutes. Jonathan couldn't get over the fact. His brother was dead. 

He still had Jack's backpack and painting. The last thing Jack made. The painting of Peter Pan.  

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